In this is instructable, i am going to show you how to make an easy to use, desktop slingshot.

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Step 1: Bending the Paperclip

Use the nose pliers to bend the paper clip into the shape seen above.
Cool! If you used thumb tack ammo, you could use this in a real situation. (If your office was invaded or a similar situation.)
Do you mean a way to store the ammunition on the thumb? I don't understand, my english is'nt perfect...
No, a thumb tack is a small sharp pin. It looks like this. <br>https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FDD/QZSU/HMVJ9RNC/FDDQZSUHMVJ9RNC.SQUARE.jpg <br>I'm saying that if you shot thumb tacks (pins) instead of foil, you could hurt someone, because pins are sharp. <br>
Oh okay. Well, it would definitely hurt :D
Yeah. :-0
can you use tape in sted of glue <br>
I don't think it's strong enough to hold the paperclip in place, but if you use enough, it might works :) The &quot;glue walls&quot; isn't necessary
Love it, it uses common house hold items, I'm looking forward to making this
Sweet :)
what size paperclip is it?
Sry for my late answer, i have'nt seen your comment before now. I actually don't know, but it is'nt the big deal, just bend the the edges so that it fit for the rubberband :) When you buy the staples, it is longer than on the picture, so just brake off the size you need.
thats cool!!! you might like&nbsp;<a href="http://secret paper aroplanes" rel="nofollow">http://secret paper aroplanes</a>&nbsp;i cant get you to the website with the link i just typed but type it in the search bar on the internet, okay?
Nice :) Is it this site? http://www.paperaeroplanes.com/
actually, click the link above this message
made this 4 years ago and used it to shoot my sister
Almost makes going to work worth it. And at home...this will liven up dinner conversation!
Nice! When school starts again I'm going to use this on my enemy, he'll be jealous! :-)
Haha :D <br>Good luck!
Nice! When school starts again I'm going to use this on my enemy, he'll be jealous! :-)
Thanks everyone, i really appreciate that! It is my fist instructable :)
Is it a spy weapon because that's cool
Cool idea
nice design! simple and fun!
nice design! simpl and fun!
nice design! simple and fun!
nice design! simple and fun!

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