Picture of Un-clickable Desktop Icons Trick
In this Instructable I will show you how to make the buttons on a Windows Xp desktop non-clickable. A helpless victim won't be able to click any button at all.  This Instructable is pretty easy and can be done by anyone who has changed the desktop background and used print screen.

Step 1: Print Screen

Picture of Print Screen
The first thing you need to do is close all windows, then you hit the print screen button on your keyboard. Open up Microsoft Paint, paste in the picture of the desktop and save it.
Nice trick.
MorNuN5 years ago
ahh that's a good one
i've done it on my school's computers
and simply laughed at the distance
danielemur (author)  MorNuN5 years ago

It's always funny to see people staring angrily at the moniter trying to click the icons.

lemonie5 years ago
Read the rules again - you have to actually make something physical for this year's contest.