Desktop speaker stands for Audioengine A2 speakers - made at Techshop

Picture of Desktop speaker stands for Audioengine A2 speakers - made at Techshop
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My audiophile friend is giving someone a pair of speakers for a holiday gift. To go with those speakers he came to me to commission a simple pair of speaker stands. The design was pretty open ended, he just wanted them to be heavy, "shiny", match the footprint of the speakers, and look good with the white version of these speakers. This is how I built the speaker stands - and yes, I made it at Techshop.

The first picture is the finished speaker stands on my home computer table, the second picture is a model of the stands with the speakers in Sketchup.

UPDATE 12-18-2012: My friend just sent me a picture of one of the speakers on its stand, pictured last.

This project was a great learning experience for me. I've got a lot of experience working with wood this past year, but really haven't tried many finishing options - this was my first time trying a laquer finish. My results were not perfect, but I think they were pretty good - especially for my first attempt at using laquer. Also, my friend wanted the stands to be "as heavy as possible."  I didn't have a plan for this when I started the project, I just had to improvise a way. I was happy with the results - each stand weighs just over 4 lbs, with the weight evenly distributed so it feels like the wood is just really heavy.

In all, the materials cost ~$35. They took me perhaps 2-3 hours actual labor time to build, spread out over several days to allow time for glue and laquer to fully cure. I also spent a lot more time experimenting with techniques that were new to me.

As always, I'm still a novice woodworker, not a professional, if you have any comments or suggestions to help improve this instructable, please share it in the comments! I love hearing feedback, and want to improve my own work and my instructables.
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This is so cool! Congrats
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I appreciate it, thank you!
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Thanks a lot, I try to include as much helpful information that I can think of.
This is a really nice post, you did a good job with your photos and your directions were thorough. Thanks for the share, and the tips.