Desoldering Tips by LOG


Introduction: Desoldering Tips by LOG

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So this Lazy Old Geek like to scrap out old PCBs for parts. Here’s a couple of tips for desoldering parts.

Tip 1: See picture. Some people use solder suckers to remove solder. I usually use solder wick. Solder wick is braided copper. I always open up the braid. It seems to allow more solder to be wicked up and also use less. Copper is expensive these days. Hold the tip of the wick between fingers in one hand. Grab the wick a couple of inches up. Push your hands together to open up the braid.

Tip 2: See picture. I apologize for the poor quality of this picture. fNow it seems counter intuitive but it seems to help to apply some fresh solder to the joint before wicking it. I don’t know why this is but it seems to wick better. It might be the added rosin core.
USE: These tips helped me remove this connector with thick pins. See picture.
TIP: I soldered some copper wire to a couple of the pins so that I can insert it into a breadboard.



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    Concerning the tip about adding a bit of solder to get it going: I think this just provides a really good conduction path for the heat from the iron into the 'body' of the wick.
    I've always done it this way.

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    That does make sense.


    Another Tip: Heat up both leads to the dc connector with a glob of solder, then pull it out the other end or smack(not too hard) the board against the table. Works for me, even the 44 pin IC's, smd or through-hole.

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    Sounds good but how do you heat up 44pins at the same time?


    With this:


    Okay, idiot question for you, What in the world is that?

    That is not an idiot question. I should have explained it in the Instructable. It is braided copper wire used to help unsolder electronic components.

    It usually comes in a little plastic container like this: