Introduction: Desoldering Micro Processors

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Desoldering micro processors in 10 second

Step 1: Materials

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I am gonna explain you how to re-solder MCPs and other SMD parts on your PCBs with a regular heatgun

Aluminium plate

Step 2: Making an Adoptor for the Heat Gun

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The reason I do that is making a smaller air flow for the micro processors' pins. Otherwise we can damage the processor or the other components. Just roll the Aluminyum sheet around the heater and leave a small air space to let the air out.

Step 3: Removing the Parts.

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Heat up the pins for 5-10 seconds and remove the components with a tweezers.


Orngrimm (author)2014-09-29

Another use of the aluminum would be to cut out just enough to let your part of desire exposed while covering (and thus thermo-protecting) the rest. Cut out with a exacto-knife works very good and i had good success with it...

nabukadnazar (author)Orngrimm2014-09-29

I did similar what you said while repairing my macbook pro's logic board. First I covered with paper all the board then aluminium sheet around it. Only issue is that air came into aluminium a lot and couldn't exit. Result: macbook is working, I melted my speaker's plastic case:). So, as you said, only cut out is enough on the aluminium sheet. Never roll it.

BLR_RAVI (author)2014-09-27

very nice way to recover the useful components from the unuseful pcbs...only concern careful about the fumes ..

nabukadnazar (author)BLR_RAVI2014-09-27

Yes, today I recovered many components like this and I realised that these dishes are smelling bad if I heat more then one minute. So, we must wait to cool it frequently

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-27

Hmmm interesting, definitely a nice use for leftover casserole dishes. Thanks for sharing!

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