In keeping with my efforts of making stuff that befits my group's pen&paper roleplaying characters, I decided to make something else for my female tiefling. Not being female myself, the next thing that came to mind was, well, something obvious - as in obvious to anyone who lays eyes on her, which is part of her style (or rather modus operandi).

Anyway, I decided to make her (or myself) a set of breasts, slightyly covered up of course. At first I was considering using latex for the skin, even pondering the use of some kind of professional casting material to use on a mold, but eventually it hit me - I am not trying to make it look real, but make it fun. It is supposed to represent a character, and since it's a fantasy character, it should probably exaggerate.

So i thought... Muppet. Felt was the way to go, both easy to work with as well as cheap (compared to the casting idea). While some shrinks out there would probably have a field day with this, here's what I did.

(On a side note, many images were made with my camera's sepia-filter since the normal mode would not deliver enough details with the red pieces of felt).

And I should also note that at this point, this project is meant to be worn using safety pins to afix it to normal clothing. I have considered seqing it to a red T-Shirt for ease of wearing.

And please, if you have questions or comments or - unlikely as it may seem - found spelling errors, please let me know!

Step 1: Materials and tools

- red and black felt
- red and black yarn
- stuffing

- scissors/cutter
- sewing machine
Let me be the first to comment,you did a great job going the extra mile for your character I commend you ^.^

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