Picture of The Desperado
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 This is a sweet gun. 

Thankyou silentassain21 for the name for this gun :)


 - 60 foot range absolutely not angled
 - 15 round open yellow rod magazine
 - Awesome true trigger with trigger guard
 - Super comfy sturdy handle 
 - Sturdy body of gun 
 - Barely any pieces used
 - Working sights on front 
 - Accurate as hell
 - Fires right through cardboard
 - Does not eat your rubber bands
 - Super fast reload
 - Insanely reliable 
 - Has a ram pull thingy (seen in video)
 - Looks sick.

The video ends at 3 mins. The rest is just me talking.

This gun should only take 20-30 minutes to make. ENJOY and SUBSCRIBE!!


Picture of PARTS LIST
gray:1(used to bulid)
flexi blue:1
flexi orange:1
dark gray:1
lt gray:4
yellow:42 (3 are used to bulid)
small tire:2
y clip/connector:22
blue clip 2
tan clip:2
ball socket:3
blue spacers:4
gray spacers:2
#32-#64:as many as you want (for ram)


(the atv is not my atv, just the type of atv i have)
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blockabloke11 months ago
What's with da quad bike?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
inergy4 years ago
Looks alot like I_Am_Canadian's Compact AST Pistol  http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Compact_AST_Pistol/
LvNo1000 inergy2 years ago
So, how does it compare?
bboy3213212 years ago
i'm new to this site how do you rate
do you need the ball sockets
great gun i'm going to give 5 stars for it
jimopertrat4 years ago
lol my tan clip on the ram rod keeps exploding!! 2 powerful! sweet gun anyway 2 stop it explodin?
jimopertrat4 years ago
Awsome 5*=)
Bommelding4 years ago
Where should those bendy rods attach?
And i don't have a bendy blue rod, can i just leave it out?
Neither of the bendy rods are required but make it look cool
aaannnnd its the trigger guard
do u need the wheel
no its just for comfort
james44 years ago
built it, this is AWESOME its really powerful
mrwhiz4 years ago
i did it with blue rods i dont know how you ever got the whites on i will tell you if its good when i get some rubber bands cuz mine all snaped from some other guns
ps i like the trigger and the design cool gun!
knex_mepalm4 years ago
My yellow rods always bunch together in the ram but nonetheless the work perfectly. Is it just e or knexfreek always has the the right everything making his gun absolutely perfect and some of our ones are bad?
sikufan5 years ago
Nice gun! Its realy small but you can make him very storng
An Villain5 years ago
Mine is a LOT different.
sontos125 years ago
whats that blue thing in the first picture? i have no pieces like that
KnexFreek (author)  sontos125 years ago
 Hmmm....  its a tan clip that doesnt have that little thing that sticks out on it. You can either take a tan clp, cut the little thing off it, and sand it down ; Or you can stop building :( That piece is VITAL. It is what blocks the ramrod, it is the trigger.
no not that thing, theres a black and a sky blue one
KnexFreek (author)  sontos125 years ago
 the hinge?
idk i think so, do i need that piece?
KnexFreek (author)  sontos125 years ago
 yes.... the hinge is what makes the trigger work. So no hinge = no working trigger.
do you know what set thats in?
My friend gave me a hinge. so if you have a friend who has knex and has a hinge ask to borrow it.
adio5 years ago
Just modded the gun so you only need 10 "Y" connectors since I only have 10 it looks the same and is still very strong. :D
pie25x5 years ago
Isn't it wierd to shoot the yellow rds instead of a white or green rod?
iundonei pie25x5 years ago
not really. i mean since it is a small gun yea but overall yellow rods have better performance than blue white or green. so the bullet is sorta perfect for the gun.
Dante90305 years ago
nice i gave it a 5.0
hoi5 years ago
this is an awasome gun!!!!!!
but from that distance in the first video, i can do that too :P xD
tjdtjd15 years ago
holy shiz!
flying gun!
subscribed because i want a flying gun...
and all your stuff is freaking awesome
H1T4TCH15 years ago
 awesome, really awesome! i made it as a sidearm 4 my tank bow! i buyed some pieces from a friend, lol.
i build it in 10 minutes :P
thanks  4 the good instruction, they are really clear to me, cause you made them just only 4 professional knex gun builders... :)

chippyzchip5 years ago
This is probably one of the best knex pistols out their.

P.S. I cannot find my cookie!
squarepants5 years ago
 whats your trick?
KnexFreek (author)  squarepants5 years ago
 to use the yellow connectors to push/click in the white rods :) also did you build?
if so, do you likey? if not, did you use alot of bands?

 still havnt built =( sorry.
Nice trick though, and saw the power vid. For a gun of this size, in fact for a gun of any size, its incredible!
Decon935 years ago
i just figured y im having that problem its because im using a pointed/sharpened ram rod and that doesn't have enough surface area to have enough friction to keep it from slipping. haha my bad
KnexFreek (author)  Decon935 years ago
 LOL good :) i
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