Despicable Davis' 2013


Introduction: Despicable Davis' 2013

This is our family costume for 2013. My wife and I made this group costume for our kids and ourselves. Our ages range from 7 months to 35 years old. The costumes are constructed from either cardboard, paper mache, or fabric. I am Gru (35) my wife is Vector (30) Margo (9) Edith (7) Agnes (7 months) Minions (6, 4, 3) Fluffy Unicorn (2).



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    hi i would really be grateful if you could post the step by step of doing this project. i was planning to make one for my whole family too in my childs coming birthday on march. thanks a lot.


    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like ;-)

    amazing!! the minions are spot-on! wow!

    Aww! Cute Fluffy Unicorn. Awesome costumes!!!

    Those are the best group costumes! So you sewed all those clothes! You did amazing :)