Introduction: Despicable Me Minion Costume

Picture of Despicable Me Minion Costume
Foam Mat (found at wal-mart)
Felt - Yellow (3 yards ), White (1 - 8"x11"sheet ), Black (1 - 8"x11"sheet )
Denim - Blue (2 yards for overall)
Black Mesh (see through pupils)
1 can of Spray adhesive
Glue that will adhere on foam (Gorilla)
Nylon or Polypropylene strap - black (2 yards)
Gray "Latex or Vinyl" Spray paint -
Black Thread
Neodymium Magnets (easier to align head and body and keep it together)

Plaster (use to make goggle look smoother"
Sand Paper

9v battery
2 old pc fan
toggle switch


Computer w/ Printer
Sharp Razor Blade
Sewing Machine
Fabric Pins
Black Permanent Pen

Soldering Iron

Step 1: Tracing Stencils

Picture of Tracing Stencils

Tools needed on this step:

Computer w/ Printer
Permanent Marker

use the stencil provided Click on the "I" on the picture to download the original files, when you print the stencil make sure your scale it to fit your needs, for Me I scaled it to 200% and adjust it to fit two separate piece of 8"x11" paper, after that I cut it and glue the two piece together. Your stencil should be complete.

Repeat using bottom.jpg

The foam mats should roll out to be around 71"x20, the package will say (70"x20"), unroll one of the mats and trace out the stencil on the mats, there should be at least 17 of them with a little over a inch left. you will need to free hand that last inch into a similar shape as the stencil.

Repeat using bottom.jpg

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pattern

Picture of Cutting Out the Pattern

Tools needed on this step:

Sharp Razor

Soldering Iron


First thing your going to do is cut out the unnecessary pieces as shown in the picture. Once that is done. there is several ways you can put the pieces together

Glue the end pieces together to form a circle, use the tape to hold it together while the glue is drying. once the Glue is dry, begin gluing all the pointing pieces together, it should take look like a half sphere once you are done. look at the pictures for references( i took the Twine route).

Optional Route: Twine and soldering Iron
Stitch the end pieces together to form a circle, Then use a Soldering Iron to poke holes into the foam, it will make it a lot easier to stitch. if you don't have a large needle, use tape and wrap it around the end piece to form a sturdy point, that will make life much easier. once that is done begin stitching all the pointing pieces together, it should take look like a half sphere once you are done. look at the pictures for references.

Repeat for bottom section.

once your done with top and bottom section, it should look like GIANT blue pill.

Step 3: Wrapping the Head and Body

Picture of Wrapping the Head and Body

Tools needed on this step:

permanent pen
Adhesive spray
neodymium Magnets


First step is to measure how much felt is needed to cover the head, wrap it around the head and cut off the portion that is needed, then glue the felt around and work out the creases so its smooth( can be tricky ).

before you start on the bottom section make sure you cut out arms holes on the side, after that just repeat the gluing and wrapping.

next step is to align the body and the head, there should be a overlapping section of felt where the ends meets each other, i find it easier to just use that line to line up the two sections.

I then taped 20 neodymium magnets on the body and the head so it will just snap together when I place it close to each other, it makes aligning a lot easier, it also keeps the head from falling off.

Step 4: The Goggles

Picture of The Goggles

Tools needed on this step:

Sharp Razor



For the Goggles, first thing were going to do is cut  a strip of foam and glue the end piece together, use tape to fasten it while drying.

repeat Step

you should now have two pieces that are in a shape of a circle, glue those two together by the seam (where you first glue it, use picture as reference). then cut a smaller strip of foam and glue it on on the outer layer of each circle, make sure it's lined up with the top.

You should have a something that looks like cheap binoculars, after that measure how far you want the goggles to concave into the body of the minion, trace it and cut concave out so it will fit snugly to the minion's body.

Next step is to spray the goggle gray.

Optional: Plastering

I plastered the top portion of the goggles to make it smoother, after plastering i sand it smooth. On the other note, it might look smoother but its now fragile.

To make the eye, you'll need the black mesh(see through) and the the other piece of white felt. This is where the black mesh will come in handy, since it's see through it will be the pupils. You'll need to cut out circles into the white felt, as seen in the picture, then glue the mesh to the felt, then the cut and glue the felt to the back end of the goggles and cut the excess off. Once that is done you'll need to trace the back of the goggle to the front of the head, cut out two circles"eyes" (what you have just traced) and stitch the goggle to the front of the head.

for the goggles strap use the nylon strap and wrap it around the head and pin it, then stitch the side end of the strap to the side of the goggle, you can then glue the strap or stitch the strap to the head.

Step 5: Overall and Pocket Logo

Picture of Overall and Pocket Logo

Tools needed on this step:

Sewing Machine


There's 8 parts to the overall, the logo, pocket, front and back top, front and back pants, and two straps. The logo can be scaled and printed to size.

For the overall, the picture shown is just a rough sketch. Just measure your minion and cut and scale the denim fabric to shapes similar to the ones in the pictures. Then sew the pocket to the front top, the front top to the front pants, then the front top to the front pants, then the straps to the corners of the tops. Then just sew the pants portion to each other. Then alter as needed to fit your minion.

Note: Only Sew around the side edges, leave the top and bottom open.

I Labeled the Fabric with letters, just match the letters each other A to A, Y to Y, you get the point.

Once you got the overall done, just put it on the minion and stitch/glue it on to it. Your almost done.

Step 6: Mouth and Arms

For the mouth, you can just wing it depending on what mood you want the minion to be.

The arms is just a piece of yellow felt sewed together( just wear as sleeves). I found out It's a lot easier getting out of the minion if it's not sewed to the body.

Step 7: You Got Your Own Minion

Just Grab a pair of boots and some black gloves and you got yourself a minion.

Enjoy being a minion.

After wearing the Costume for 2 minute, i found out that it got pretty hot inside.
i added a fan on the top (exhaust) of the minion and one on the back (intake), Covered it with yellow mesh so air can escape and enter. Connect each fan to separate battery with a toggle switch which is hidden right under the top of the overalls. Feels much better now.


DelsoubioA (author)2015-06-10

Very nice Job ! much cheaper than buy a minions costume. I'll do this with my kid

BTW, I made a link of your article to my blog related to the minions word (, I hope you are ok with that

metametagirl (author)2013-10-31

I posted my "unfinished" minion below on Nov 1, 2010. I am proud to report that I finally finished the minion this week! I waited around for Despicable Me 2 to come out before dressing as the minion again. I won 2 out of 3 costume contests this week. Thank you and Happy Halloween!

wreckhouse (author)2013-10-27

Thanks so much for the detailed plans, especially the head "petal" template! I had to make many improvisations (based on another costume plan), but the head template saved the day when my paper mache heads collapsed!

Tia427 (author)2013-10-25

Great ideas for making the Minion.  I used papier-mâché, plaster, cardboard and 1 inch foam.  I also used swimming noodles to help keep the shape.  Adding finishing touches made it look really professional.  My daughter won 1st prize for most creative costume.  Thanks for your tips!

lrutz (author)2013-10-25

Finally finished! Next year I hope he wants to be a superhero or something that doesn't require ANY work! LOL!! It was a big hit at school today, though, I must say.

n8hines (author)2013-10-18

Thanks so much for the inspiration. Following your instructions with a few modifications here is mine:

lrutz (author)n8hines2013-10-22

Looks awesome! Love his expression. LOL!

evachowder14 (author)2013-07-18

Hi umm i was just wondering... About how much would it cost to make one?

lrutz (author)evachowder142013-10-06

Hey! I'm making one now. It's a bit pricey. About 8 each for the mats, got the felt for half price at Joann's for $3/yard, a couple dollars a piece for the craft foam. The mesh I already had, but it's about $11 a roll at Home Depot. I'm hoping to use a pair of extra large real denim overalls from Goodwill and jury rig it on my machine, so that shouldn't be too expensive, but if you have to buy the denim as well, factor that in. The result is tres cool, though!

lrutz (author)2013-10-06

Making one right now! Cut the mat into 53"length for my 7 year old and sized the pattern 150% on the printer. Used duct tape to put it together, and although the pieces didn't quite meet up evenly at the top, I covered the hole with duct tape on the outside and inside, and it looks perfect. When I'm done, I'll post. Thanks for the inspiration--I didn't know where to begin! Son is soooo excited.

craineum (author)2012-11-01

Thanks for the inspiration! Here is mine.

jovs0615 (author)2012-10-28

I made my own minion version using your suggestions but had to make my own modifications. My daughter loves it and she even won first price. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

sveedish (author)2010-11-05

Amazing instructions and wonderful results! I made a few modifications to save me some time and money - it was for my 4 1/2 year old son. He got so many compliments on it, and many many smiles as he went trick-or-treating. Thank you so much for coming up with this great idea.

Wellsie (author)sveedish2012-10-16

Hi - I'm trying to make this for a small 7 year old. I'm finding the dimensions too big. Do you know what size template you used?

cagrown (author)sveedish2010-11-05

I'm glad you and your son liked it.

ilovegiraffes (author)2012-08-21

So I would like to be my class mascot, and we are the Minions. What size does this fit best? I am about 5'4. I don't want it to look weird with my legs sticking about ... any suggestions?

cagrown (author)ilovegiraffes2012-08-22

It's pretty much trial and error for sizing, the costume was so long ago that I forgot all the dimension. I'm about 5'7 to 5'8( on good days), I had to bend a little to look proportion.

jbostwick103 (author)2011-11-19

I'm so happy I found this site. Thank You! This halloween my son really wanted to be a despicable me minion, so I made him this. I'm going to make my daughter a purple minion version too.

kschwartz1 (author)2011-11-04

Wow - took a looong time to construct...a lot of hidden masking tape as well!

mike10003 (author)2011-10-31

Used this for the 96.1 Kiss Party here in Pittsburgh, everyone LOVED my costume. I only got 4th in this costume contest haha. Thanks for the help though! Awesome awesome time.

jojergraphics (author)2011-10-30

thanks for a great idea.. I made two minions for my boys this year- and I dressed up as Gru. We were the hit of every party we went to!.. I can't say that I followed the instructions exactly as written- I opted to not have a removable head- and altered for specifics my kids requested.. but I couldn't have gotten this far without your idea.!! thanks a bunch

jklcattle (author)2011-10-10

How does the costume stay up/on? Does it rest on the shoulders? I am thinking about making several for my children for hallowween this year and I am wondering if they will be comfortable in them... if it rests on the body uncomfortably they will wine all night long... no fun. Do you think a child would be okay in one of these?

heather1 (author)2010-11-03

This is awesome. Thanks. I did a version of your costume and linked to you on my blog. Thanks :D

iceskating13 (author)heather12011-09-24

Do you still have this costume? I am interesting in buying. My daughter is going to use if for ice skating. So can a hole be made to see. I don't know if the others are interested in this, too. She is doing this as a group number. How tall is the costime for? She is about 5'2.

heather1 (author)iceskating132011-09-24

Sorry. It's not for sale. It would be hard to skate in. Visibility and movement are very restricted. Good luck.

cagrown (author)heather12010-11-05

pretty awesome.

nextstepda (author)2011-08-22

I own a dance studio and would like to have 7 of these minion costumes made for a tap dance (possibly modifying each to look like a different minion). I was wondering if you were interested and what you would charge to make them and ship them to NJ. Please email me at if interested. Thank you!

shakes24601 (author)2011-08-06

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I just finished my costume and it almost killed me but it looks good! Thanks!

metametagirl (author)2010-11-01

I didn't finish in time for trick-or-treating, but I wore what I had, which was still recognizable to most kids. I still need to do the overalls, hair, sleeves (I borrowed the yellow shirt for the night), and gloves. I'll post another photo when I finish it!

I used PosteRazor to scale the template images to 66%. It ended up being significantly narrower than 4" and taller than 16" so I don't know what went wrong with the scaling. I wasted a lot of time and paper to try to get it close to 4"x16", so if you are having scaling issues, I would recommend just freehanding a shape similar to the templates into a 4"x16" rectangle. As long as you are using the sewing method, that should work fine.

I ended up using just 2 mats since I'm 5' 3". I had to buy some yarn needles to do the sewing since my twine was so thick. After sewing up the Top and Bottom, I cut the holes for the eye and arms. The armholes are cut across the boundary between the Top and the Bottom. I was afraid it would all fall apart with these holes cut into it, but it was fine. After cutting the holes, I glued the felt on.

For the goggles, I didn't cut the extra wedges to sit it neatly on the head, since I wasn't sure what shape/size to make the wedges. So I glued the white of the eye to the head and the back of the goggles, and then I made a few stitches with the twine around the frame of the goggles to secure it to the head a little better. I didn't get spray paint so I wrapped grey felt around the goggles.

I used 4 pairs of magnets to hold the Top to the Bottom. I had to try out a few rolls of tape in order to find one that would stick to the foam. In the meantime, I experimented with using suspenders to hold up the bottom and using Velcro straps, which I would say is worth trying if you already have suspenders or Velcro lying around and don't want to buy new magnets. Suspenders would have been great because they shift some of the weight to your shoulders instead of having the whole thing sitting on your head.

Since I was outdoors for trick-or-treating, I didn't have any issues with overheating. My biggest issue was that I couldn't see very well, so the kids had to help me across the street instead of the other way around!

Thanks cagrown & critter42!

cagrown (author)metametagirl2010-11-01

looks great...

metametagirl (author)2010-10-28

How would you recommend cutting the hole in the top part of the body in order to be able to see through the goggles? I wouldn't want the whole thing to fall apart...Also, can you describe how to cut the arm holes? Thanks!

critter42 (author)metametagirl2010-10-28

If you used the glue method, there shouldn't be much problem.

I went the sew method. Once I sewed the dome together, I made my cuts. First thing I did was make sure the eye (I did a cyclopean minion) was directly opposite the seam, so I wouldn't have any issues there. When I made my eyehole cut, I placed it so the hole crossed as few segments as possible. I had enough stitches between segments that the loss of a handful didn't affect the integrity. To be on the safe side, I just grabbed the few stitches that were cut, pulled them tight and tied off the loose ends with a regular overhand knot.

For me the armholes were easier because I used a third mat in-between the two dome pieces to make my minion taller, so there was no stitching to worry about.

metametagirl (author)critter422010-10-28

Thanks for the info, critter42! That's what I was thinking -- to make the cut opposite the seam -- but I feel much better about doing it now that I know it worked for you. And it seems like it would be easier to make this cut prior to glue-ing the yellow felt over it, since there is one fewer layer to cut through. I am also planning to do a cyclops minion. I guess I'll figure out the armholes after I sew my top and bottom pieces up! I am just unsure whether to put the hole in the bottom piece, or in the gap between the pieces (or perhaps I will need a 3rd mat like yours).

valashnez (author)2010-10-24

OMG this is such an awesome costume! Thanks soo much for sharing! But I am unable to scale it and print it on two seperate pages..... Can anyone help me?

cagrown (author)valashnez2010-10-27

When you go to print it, Depending on the program you use, there should be a scale option somewhere. Most of the time its trial and error, It took me a while to scale it to fit my needs. The top stencil should be around 4inches wide at the widest, and 16 inches tall. The bottom should be 4 inches wide at the widest and about 8 inches tall.

I'm using photoshop cs5, the scale option shows up automatically when i click on print.

valashnez (author)cagrown2010-10-27

thank you!!

metametagirl (author)2010-10-27

Can you please provide approximate dimensions for the final top and bottom stencils? I need the max height at the tip of the top stencil, and the max width at the bottom. I am using PosteRazor to handle the scaling and printing. THANKS!

cagrown (author)metametagirl2010-10-27

Top should be around approximately 4 inches wide at the widest part, and 16 inches long. That should give you 17 full stencil and you'll need to free hand the last inch and a half to a similar shape.

Bottom should be around approximately 4 inches wide at the widest part, and about 8 inches long. Then that should give you 17 full stencil and you'll need to free hand the last inch and a half to a similar shape.

metametagirl (author)cagrown2010-10-27

Thanks! I tried to use the free PosteRazor software last night to print the top template, but when scaled to "100%" it came out to 26" tall! So I'll just trial-and-error the scaling until it gets closer to 16". Thanks so much for your quick response.

critter42 (author)2010-10-24

OK, I finished it - thanks for this instructable!:
(attached pic)

I made a few changes to suit me a little better:

I used a 3rd mat in the middle, cut down by about a third - I'm not built to crouch :)
I made a one-eyed minion (think they're funnier :) )
I used grey felt for the goggle instead of the joint compound.
I tried the neo magnets, but they weren't working for me (I think they're mounted off-kilter), so I sewed a few hook-side patches of hook and loop-tape to the body - they hooked into the felt patches fine.

I was rushing to finish this for a party, so there a few things I need to complete:
1) The arms were just a couple pieces of broadcloth wrapped around my arms and pinned into place - I need to actually make the tailored sleeves
2) I need to add a lot more hook and loop tape - including adding the loop tape on the headpiece - the felt won't stand up to being removed and replaced a lot.
3) The goggle piece came off (luckily only after the party was over and as I was walking it to the car :) )- I have some bamboo skewers I'm going to run through into the dome and glue in place
4) The gloves were some regular work gloves I had lying around - I am going to make a couple of stuffed 3-fingered gloves
5) add a couple of pieces of felt around the strap to simulate the strap guides and glue the strap ends back on themselves
6) Add the intake/exhaust fans ! :)

However, even with all that I did win the prize for best costume! :)

cagrown (author)critter422010-10-25


twitch77 (author)2010-10-17

Great costume! I am in the beginning processes of making my own Minion but I can not find the file bottom.jpg. Please let me know where I can find the bottom.jpg. Thank you!!

cagrown (author)twitch772010-10-18

First page, next to the top one. U might have to click on the picture to have it show up. It should look like the top one, with the pointed section cut off. Let me know I u need more help.

twitch77 (author)cagrown2010-10-19

Thanks, I found it. I didn't notice there are 4 pictures. They basically look like blank spots on the page. I appreciate it... back to work on the costume :)

cagrown (author)twitch772010-10-18


evelynmp (author)2010-10-14

great costume!! this might be a silly question...but where did you cut out the holes for the legs?

area36 (author)evelynmp2010-10-16

I think what he did was just sow on the Denim pants that he made because the bottom of the foam matt that he made into the head had the big hole in the bottom once finished. so all he had to do was add pants. I hope that makes sense XD thats atleast what Im going to do when I make mine.

cagrown (author)area362010-10-16

Hey buddy not sure what ur saying, there's was only one head to start with If u used te stencils. The body will have a hole in there, not the head. Yes I did sow the pants to the "body".

area36 (author)evelynmp2010-10-16

Oh yea and if you are making one DO NOT forget the hair!

cagrown (author)evelynmp2010-10-14

the bottom stencil should leave you a big enough hole, it doesn't close, so there is no need to cut holes for the legs unless you made two of the top piece.

there's a top stencil and bottom stencil.

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