Step 4: The Goggles

Tools needed on this step:

Sharp Razor



For the Goggles, first thing were going to do is cut  a strip of foam and glue the end piece together, use tape to fasten it while drying.

repeat Step

you should now have two pieces that are in a shape of a circle, glue those two together by the seam (where you first glue it, use picture as reference). then cut a smaller strip of foam and glue it on on the outer layer of each circle, make sure it's lined up with the top.

You should have a something that looks like cheap binoculars, after that measure how far you want the goggles to concave into the body of the minion, trace it and cut concave out so it will fit snugly to the minion's body.

Next step is to spray the goggle gray.

Optional: Plastering

I plastered the top portion of the goggles to make it smoother, after plastering i sand it smooth. On the other note, it might look smoother but its now fragile.

To make the eye, you'll need the black mesh(see through) and the the other piece of white felt. This is where the black mesh will come in handy, since it's see through it will be the pupils. You'll need to cut out circles into the white felt, as seen in the picture, then glue the mesh to the felt, then the cut and glue the felt to the back end of the goggles and cut the excess off. Once that is done you'll need to trace the back of the goggle to the front of the head, cut out two circles"eyes" (what you have just traced) and stitch the goggle to the front of the head.

for the goggles strap use the nylon strap and wrap it around the head and pin it, then stitch the side end of the strap to the side of the goggle, you can then glue the strap or stitch the strap to the head.

How would you recommend cutting the hole in the top part of the body in order to be able to see through the goggles? I wouldn't want the whole thing to fall apart...Also, can you describe how to cut the arm holes? Thanks!