Step 5: Overall and Pocket Logo

Picture of Overall and Pocket Logo
Tools needed on this step:

Sewing Machine


There's 8 parts to the overall, the logo, pocket, front and back top, front and back pants, and two straps. The logo can be scaled and printed to size.

For the overall, the picture shown is just a rough sketch. Just measure your minion and cut and scale the denim fabric to shapes similar to the ones in the pictures. Then sew the pocket to the front top, the front top to the front pants, then the front top to the front pants, then the straps to the corners of the tops. Then just sew the pants portion to each other. Then alter as needed to fit your minion.

Note: Only Sew around the side edges, leave the top and bottom open.

I Labeled the Fabric with letters, just match the letters each other A to A, Y to Y, you get the point.

Once you got the overall done, just put it on the minion and stitch/glue it on to it. Your almost done.
shakes246014 years ago
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I just finished my costume and it almost killed me but it looks good! Thanks!