Picture of Despicable Me Minon Youth Costume
Taking the lead from this instructable (thank you very much!)  I made my own version with tweaks to the original design.  My design is probably a bit harder to get in and out of, but still a ton of fun for all.

Google Sketchup w/Flattery Plugin
Sewing Machine
Utility Knife
Fabric Tape Measures
Black & Brown Sharpies

Brown roll-o-paper
2 Cheap camping mats
Gorilla glue
Yellow plastic mesh
1/4" Batting for queen size quilt
Yellow fleece & thread
Denim & orange thread
1/4 yard black fleece & thread
Black pipe cleaners
3" rounded PVC pipe cap
4" flat PVC pipe cap
1 sheet plexiglass
1 Silver metal spray paint can
Nail polish remover
1" wide black nylon strap
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Step 1: 3D Model of Head

Picture of 3D Model of Head
head shape1_edges.png
Trying to follow the other instructable was very hard because I didn't know the scale of it, and how it related to the scale of mine.  So after several failed template attempts, I decided to do start from scratch to get all the angles right.  Using Google Sketchup I create the head in 3D.  I have attached the file so you can adjust this yourself.

Ours body was 14" in diameter.  I also wanted to put his view hole out above the eye to keep the scale spot on to an actual minion.  This affected the curve of the head.  I also didn't want the sections to go all the way to the top, but to have a disc in the center which should help with the build given the material.

Once I was happy with the shape I used the plugin called Flattery that takes the 3D model and allows you to flatten it so it can be printed (great for papercrafting!).
  1. To get ready for flatting it, I displayed all the edges.  Do this by either triple clicking using the selection tool, or right clicking with the selection tool, and going to "Select > Bounding Edges".  Then right click and select "Soften/Smooth Edges" which brings up a dialog box.  Make sure both Checkboxes are unchecked and the slider is all the way to the left.
  2. With the flattery plugin, first you use the index tool, then the unfold tool.  With the unfold tool select the have nothing selected then click each polygon to slowly unfold it.  You really only need to do one section.  As this can be easily repeated.
  3. Finally printing to scale in Sketchup.
    1. First change the camera's perspective.  Do this via menu item "Camera > Parallel Projection"  
    2. You can then do top or front views "Camera > Standard Views > Top".  
    3. Center what you want to print with a minimum border around it (i.e. change the window size).
    4. Then select "File > Document Setup", uncheck "Fit View to Page"  Change the width and height close to what you are printing on, and set the print scale 1" and 1".  It says it might not be measurable, but it was for me.
    5. You are all set to print now.

Wow! What a great instructable! Tweaked a few things, added a computer fan in the costume, otherwise my kiddo was roasting. Has some trouble going up and down stairs and can not sit in it. But, totally rocks the costume contests and harvest festivals. He even ended up in the local paper.

IMG_0390.MOV(402x714) 54 KB
craineum (author)  cynthia.kinslow.75 months ago

Wow! Great job, and super thanks for sharing! It came out great.

Stairs were an issue for us as well, but my son worked through it as well. I had thought about putting a fan in it, but we live in a much much colder climate. It snowed the day before Halloween one year.

Love the dancing Minion ;)

Thank you! This past Halloween, we created the costume shown below with the help of your instructable.
photo 1 (1).JPGphoto 3.JPG
craineum (author)  gutierrezlorenzo1 year ago
So cool! I really love this site for this. I am glad you were able to decipher my instructions. It came out great!
jtaylor611 year ago
You did an excellent job and this was an very easy instructable to follow. I tweaked you design to suit my needs, but it was a great starting point. Here is what I came up with for my son.
craineum (author)  jtaylor611 year ago
Awesome! Great to hear! Would love to hear what you tweaked? Maybe to help others in the future as well.
hames1 year ago
Great directions. Following along. So far just stitching the slits to the top circle. So glad I didn't try them all the way up like the other one. This really saves time.
craineum (author)  hames1 year ago
Awesome, glad this helps! I would love to see the results!
prosend1 year ago
Love it. Will you be my mommy? (VBG)
realisticaly realistic
n1cod3mus2 years ago
This is such a versatile shape. I could see this easily re-skinned as as a Pac-Man ghost, Diglet from Pokemon, a thimble piece from Momopoly, or even Plankton from Spongebob. Great job!!!
poofrabbit2 years ago
WOW this is so cool! I love the use of materials and the out come is stunning!
poofrabbit2 years ago
WOW this is so cool! I love the use of materials and the out come is stunning!
Dr Qui2 years ago
That's class! I hope your kid got so much candy for this costume that you needed a wheel barrow to bring it home.
CtrlAltDrew2 years ago
I would have loved to have had the mouth be an opening to a black velvet bag which was the "trick or treat" storage. That way he could stuff his candy into his "mouth", appearing to eat everything he could lay his hands on, BUT saving it for later parental discretion on appropriate levels of well-deserved minion-intake. (¬‿¬)
craineum (author)  CtrlAltDrew2 years ago
Holy crap is this an awesome idea!!! I like the way the mouth looks on ours, but man is that a fantastic idea! Great Cookie Monster costume idea too :)
Nice stuff. Next step: add a mesh-covered hole in the back with a fan to blow in.
craineum (author)  fungus amungus2 years ago
Yeah, need to do this for inside trick-or-treating :)
crapflinger2 years ago
fun! as a kid i never would have accepted even the suggestion of a costume that would have precluded me from shoveling candy directly from the person handing it out's hand into my open maw.