Step 5: Wear Your Sombrero!

Wait until the sombrero cools down and take away the paper, aluminum foil and crown mold.

Fill the brim with salsa or guacamole.

Put the sombrero on your head, break a piece of the edge, dip it in the salsa and enjoy!

My sombrero is a bit too white because I used cornstarch. If you use cornmeal you'll get a nicer yellowish sombrero!
Finally I was wondering when someone was gonna make this
<p>Cool, now make some robotic minions!</p>
I made it but I decided to skip the instruction about covering the crown piece in wax paper...oops! I also took the suggestion to use cornmeal instead of corn starch. It's pretty tasty!
<p>cool B-)</p>
You should enter this in the baking contest!
Hahahaha this is awesome!:)
All I can think of is that the Simpsons did it as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CWK5Tzss8Q
Yes! When I saw the movie I got elbowed in the ribs because I said, way too loud, &quot;Oh My God I want that Guacamole Sombrero NOW!&quot;
That is awesome!!! Looks exactly like in the movie! <br>Hope you win ;)
Love it!
My 9 year old daughter wants to buy it from you and wear it to school lol. How fun would that be to wear to a cinco de mayo party?! Awesome job :)
Ahahaha! You win the internet today :D
Great job!! :) Yum!
Oh... that's... oh... wow...

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