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Introduction: Dessert Bagel

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This title may have you thinking that a bagel will be used... I am sorry to let you down. The bagel will not be making a cameo anytime soon.

If you are looking to:
A. Clog your arteries,
B. Give yourself Diabetes,
or C. Both... then this is perfect for you.

What you will need:

Krispy Kreme Donut.
Vanilla Ice Cream.
Nutella Chocolate
Chocolate Magic Shell.
Milk(for drinking).

Step 1: Prep the Donut

Cut the Donut horizontally, like you would a bagel. Be sure to cut away from your hands as if you slip there's a good chance blood will be spilled.

Separate the two halves, and begin pressing and pinching down the Donut's innards so that a shelf is formed. This shelf will be used to house the Ice Cream.

When the innards are pressed down the Donut's walls should form a lip.

Step 2: Nutella the Walls

Onto one half of the donut Spoon some Nutella onto the Donut's insides... then take the back of the spoon and smear the Nutella completely around... try to keep it neat.

Step 3: Layer the Ice Cream and Cover

Once the Nutella is evenly distributed onto one half of the Donut, spoon the Vanilla Ice Cream onto the Nutella shelf... Don't put too much... you want to be able to conceal the Ice Cream so that know one knows what they are about to eat. Distribute Ice Cream around the entire Donut Shelf.

Once the Donut is filled, take the other untouched half and cover the Nutella/Ice Cream half. If this is done properly you should not be able to tell that there is Ice cream and Nutella inside of the Donut.

Step 4: Dip and Freeze

Pour Magic Shell into a bowl that is slightly larger than the closed up Donut.

Take the fully closed Donut and place it in the chocolate bath. Take a spoon and cover the sides and top of the Donut with the chocolate so that it is completely immersed in chocolate.

Once the Donut is completely covered, carefully take it out with a spoon or spatula.

Either place the Donut onto wax paper or a non-stick something... the Place the Donut into the freezer and allow for the shell to harden. This should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Take the Donut out... bite in... and enjoy. Be prepared for an overload of flavor.



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    This is an amazing breakthrough in the food industry's! Hey, you should call it a DONUT!

    Holy Hell. I'll feed this to my dad and I'm betting he'll die happy ten minutes later! yikes!

    i also agree dat iz ova kill
    u cud just get a bagel + coat it in choclat
    den dat wud make mor sense

    the picture made my mouth water

    ugh, that's overkill. i could see if you made it with a bagel, fill it with something fruity, and THEN coat it in chocolate, but that right there is overkill.

    3 replies

    cut the fruit, and that sounds good, I was expecting a chocolate covered bagel with stuff, not a donut, it's not a bagel but a donut. I looooooovvveeee nutella.

    yes. maybe i should put this in the "not liable section". bagel fruit... that just sounds way to healthy for my liking.

    haha. you can get fake bagel fruit, or chocolate covered fruits... or chocolate in the shape of fruits... but then again, taking from this instructable, you don't seem to have the same human stomach as the rest of us :P

    This looks so delicious. All of my favorites in one dish.

    I didn't even get past the first step to know these are gonna be awesome. fav'd and 5/5 stars... Krispy Kremes, I'll try this one . YUM YUM YUM

    This is crazy. I might could have one bite but i love the idea. I would like to make it with kids - but i would not, only if i had some forest to chop down for them.

    know i now what to use if i want to kill some1 with fatness :D great instuctable :P

    Ooh! nice! looks awesome! =D

    Thanks to you i'll gain around 20 pounds in a week. :P Very nice Instructable. :D

    good job, you managed to put a entire heart attack into one bagel... but really, good job.

    Yum! (I think you mean Nutella)

    Holy crap! It's a diabetes explosion! I'm making some!.. make that a lot. Nice job. 5/5 stars.