Every time I go to the Austrian Alps, I found these cool copper destillation apparatuses (apparati? ...whatever) and I really wanted to have them. Only problem: they cost about 500 euros as a minimum. So I thought: I can make that!

Next thing I know I found myself buying copper pipes, a copper vase, a lot of solder and one of those special novelty coffee makers in my local thrift shop. A new project has started!
Okay I keep saying this. This is neat and all but this is not an instructable. This is a show-offable. Please, if you are going to make a beautiful object like this, give us instructions and details. A parts list would be great and more pictures. Also a description of how it works and a history. Even if you did not document the build process, give us more detail than one photo and comment. Again I am not being mean, I just want to KNOW more about this wonderful item.
Coming right up! I'm just in the middle of my exams, so working on it will be slow. I just posted this to stop procrastinating on putting this online.
<p>If you finished the project by now I would also very much like to see how it worked out!! I was just thinking about if somebody here on instructables already did a destillation apparatus.... Would like to build one too, maybe will soon</p>
Oh, ok. My bad. I would just hate to see something so cool looking not have more info. <br>
Looking forward to reading your finished 'ible!
Nice, I was always terrified of using either distillation or reflux apparatus because it's so expensive and not the most durable of things. However, the term is d<strong>i</strong>stillation not d<strong>e</strong>stillation! :P
Waiting for the steps for this build; please finish it when you can. Looks amazing
Did you mean to say distillation?
I hope you used lead free solder.

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