Destillation Apparatus





Introduction: Destillation Apparatus

Every time I go to the Austrian Alps, I found these cool copper destillation apparatuses (apparati? ...whatever) and I really wanted to have them. Only problem: they cost about 500 euros as a minimum. So I thought: I can make that!

Next thing I know I found myself buying copper pipes, a copper vase, a lot of solder and one of those special novelty coffee makers in my local thrift shop. A new project has started!



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    Okay I keep saying this. This is neat and all but this is not an instructable. This is a show-offable. Please, if you are going to make a beautiful object like this, give us instructions and details. A parts list would be great and more pictures. Also a description of how it works and a history. Even if you did not document the build process, give us more detail than one photo and comment. Again I am not being mean, I just want to KNOW more about this wonderful item.

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    Well 2017 and still nothing. I'll give it a go. It looks like it starts off with the glass coffee pot at the bottom as the boiling flask, the steam rises up through the copper tube and partially condenses in the copper vase. This tube likely goes up into the vase above the outlet to provide the water an outlet without going back into the glass boiling flask. The excess steam and water would then go into the water cooled condenser column which is a tube within a tube. The steam goes through the inner tube and the coolant goes through the bigger tube. The center tube does not come into contact with the coolant much like this one-

    Coming right up! I'm just in the middle of my exams, so working on it will be slow. I just posted this to stop procrastinating on putting this online.

    If you finished the project by now I would also very much like to see how it worked out!! I was just thinking about if somebody here on instructables already did a destillation apparatus.... Would like to build one too, maybe will soon


    Oh, ok. My bad. I would just hate to see something so cool looking not have more info.

    Looking forward to reading your finished 'ible!

    Nice, I was always terrified of using either distillation or reflux apparatus because it's so expensive and not the most durable of things. However, the term is distillation not destillation! :P

    Waiting for the steps for this build; please finish it when you can. Looks amazing

    Did you mean to say distillation?

    I hope you used lead free solder.