Hey guys, I know I've been very inactive the last while, so sorry about that, but here's a little update on a new gun that I've been working on, the Shingen-C from Destiny.

I'll do a proper post on it when it's done.

Let me know which gun you want me to make next =D

Step 1:

<p>Awesome model! This is the best cardboard gun thatI have ever seen.</p>
<p>No problem! :-)</p>
<p>Sorry for the typo.</p>
<p>make a vex mythro-cast</p><p>I think thats how you spell it?</p>
<p>When You are finished, are you going to make an instructable?</p>
<p>Not on this gun, maybe I'll do one on a Pulse rifle or Scout rifle</p>

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