It's not a step by step guide but here's a look at my warlock helmet in progress.

I drew the shapes and patterns of each panel that i could see on the design. Then i cut them out of eva foam and used the heat gun to form the curves needed.

I then used hot glue and impact adhesive to bond the foam together.

I used a pair of ladies tights stretched over a circular piece of eva foam to create a screen to look through.

Step 1: Internal Padding

Next i added foam padding inside using hot glue to make it a more comfortable fit.

Step 2: Adding Detail

I have added the side panels onto the helmet and have used the dremell tool to smooth out the edges.

Step 3: More Detail

Just a pic showing some detail. To add cut detail, first cut the pattern u want with a sharp knife and then heat with a heat gun .(pic 2 )

Step 4: Pva Glue Seal and Paint

<p>Great Helmet. Where can I find a template?</p>
How do I make a template for this?
Great job dude really helped me out with my helmet I should be posting it soon
<p>These are awesome! </p>
I am also showing full hunter armour. Please check out my page

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