Imagine that you have powers to stop any electronic device, is it only possible in movies?

well here's the way to make an emp jammer (Electromagnetic pulse jammer)

This device sends high amplitudes of emp to destroy nearby devices, be sure to have fun using this, but be careful this jammer involves thousands of volts which can lead to heart attack or death even (if not used properly)


Watch the video



Step 1: Get the Parts

Part list

★☆★ Buy Parts from your online local store ★☆★

1. 32 gauge Magnet Wire http://geni.us/ITPUbly

2. Plastic Project Box http://geni.us/C2eA

3. Push Switch ×2 http://geni.us/TcAmVuf

4. Some kind of glue http://geni.us/FAC7w

5. Hot glue (if you need) http://geni.us/lBnlm

6. 3.7 v battery http://geni.us/8V2i1

7. 7000 volt High Voltage Converter http://geni.us/oFb09C

Step 2: Connecting Togather

make a coil of 32 gauge copper wire with 5 turns connect an push switch (i call it spark gap) and high voltage converter in series with coil.

connect an push switch to control power to the high voltage converter .

Step 3: See the Tutorial

<p>if somebody could make this for me and send it to me, I would be eternally grateful, and it may even come with a cash reward ;)</p>
<p>I did one and it worked, I can sell you one</p>
<p>all U need is a small obergine! India</p>
I would like to build something like this, not to destroy anyone's belongings but to simply make a jammer for my car. I was involved in an accident by someone texting and driving, is there a way to make one without harming electronics and have a small radius? Pretty much to keep people off their phones while I'm next to them driving? Only if it's legal too. I haven't some much research on it. <br><br><br>Bannister313@gmail.com
<p>You can, but it's illegal and easy to trace.</p>
<p>So, you can change the frequency of the spark gap on the bottom. That's cool and all, but what difference would it make to have a larger or smaller spark gap? Does that make it more or less powerful? It looks amazing and I want to build it, I just don't understand the point of being able to change the spark gap.</p>
Hey kedar!! I think the wire you used was not 32 gauze. It was less.<br>
<p>What is the effective range of one of these things?</p>
<p>What should I do if I left the red wire touch the battery overnight (and now it won't work)?</p>
<p>UPDATE: The red wire works now.</p>
<p>What do I do if I left the red positive wire from the 1000 kV pulse generator touch the positive part of the battery overnight (it doesn't work now)?</p>
<p>nsulation tester / Megger Test KYORITSU 3123.</p><p><br>Insulation Tester atau megger test adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur nilai tahanan/resistan (resistance) dari isolasi (insulation) yang membungkus bahan penghantar yang digunakan pada kabel listrik.<br><br>Test insulasi dilakukan untuk mengetahui kondisi konduktor di jaringan. Insulasi yang memadai diperlukan untuk menghindari terjadinya direct contact seperti short circuit atau ground fault. <br><br>Cara menggunakan test megger (Megger test procedure) pada umumnya dengan mengaplikasikan listrik DC sebesar 500V ke dalam pengukuran komponen atau 1000 VAC untuk pengukuran antar kabel. Untuk Harga Megger test lainnya dapat mengubungi nomor yang tersedia.<br><br>Specification :<br><br>- DCV : 5000V/10000V<br>- Rentang pengukuran : 5G/200G/10G/400G<br>- Akurasi : 5% rdg<br>- Ukuran : 200 140 80mm<br>- Berat : 1kg<br>Kyoritsu 3123A,megger cable seken kondisinya prima,max 5000,10000 Volt.<br>sudah kalibrasi,<br><br>Kyoritsu 3123A,megger cable seken kondisinya prima,max 5000,10000 Volt.<br>sudah kalibrasi,<br><br>Kyoritsu 3123A,megger cable seken kondisinya prima,max 5000,10000 Volt.<br>sudah kalibrasi,</p>
<p>I made one of my own . and it can jam a little alarm clock. 5 Stars for the instructions</p>
<p>I build the circuit , but doesn't work, i checked several times, if press the button of the power supply i can hear a buzzer, if i press both button i can heard the little buzzer, but if press the power supply button very near of an electronic device do nothing, any advive?</p>
<p>biger coil maybe?</p>
​i am just making a new special SMART EMP so i just ant to know how many voltage do we need to make a server reboot! or give the highest dammage to some thing like server (just give me a number) thanks well
<p>Can you alter a Vipertek 28,000,000 volt Stun-gun into an EMP JAMMER??</p><p>...jus askin.</p>
This will be epic!
Hi can you email me ?<br>I'd like to buy one of your jammers.
Wattsapp number ? Email address pls
<p>Can I buy this from you and like QiH, not to harm myself creating something that is unreliable? Can you contact me, please? Thank you!</p>
I'd like to buy one of these from you. Can we chat about it?
<p>Can you control what it destroys? If so, I'm building this.</p>
If i pay someone will they make me a emp jammer hit me up whitesup88@gmail.com
<p>i can use this wire? </p><p><a href="http://www.ebay.it/itm/125grams-ENAMELLED-COPPER-WINDING-WIRE-ALL-DIAMETERS-SOLDERABLE-MAGNET-WIRE-/111747153645?var=&hash=item1a04a63eed:m:mYsOhbvFUTUJy8X28M28ojg" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.it/itm/125grams-ENAMELLED-COPPER-W...</a></p><p>which mm diameter? 0.315 it is ok? </p><p>gauge magnet wire it is simply the enamelled copper wire</p><p>i am italian sorry for bad english</p>
<p>i see your video is very good, i don't understand 2 things </p><p>1 how you build coil ? if I give you my e-mail you can send me other photos</p><p>2 i have 400kv high voltage, this emp generator cause the short circuit of my high voltage generator?? If yes will can last my generator?? </p><p>Thanks</p>
i can use 400kv generator??
i can use it for slot or money change??
<p>Hi great job can it fry a simple LED???</p>
Who in the uk can advise me pls
<p>thank sir mi made it </p>
<p>lol love the sound when the microwave controller blew</p>
<p>Hello! Can you put a photo with more details? I don't know very well where connect the two push switch.</p><p>I have a qestion more, What it is the functionality of each push switch??</p><p>I look all your videos about the jammer but my english isn't very well and I don't understand it.</p><p>Thanks, you're videos are great!!</p>
<p>You should check the videos, there is an explanation there very clear</p>
<p>hey friend box where you got it I can not get measured or coil count can be done differently</p>
<p>Hi Kedar, thank for posting this Instructable. I have been following your Youtube channel for a while. I have some questions. You mention a 7,000 volt High Voltage Converter, but it seems you are actually using a 400,000 volt High Voltage Converter in your Youtube video according to the Ebay listing. Is this correct? Have you also used the 7,000 volt version from www.twgdsolar.com #13775717888 as seen in another of your Youtube videos? Do you achieve similar results using the 7,000 volt version? Why do you use 5 turns of magnet wire? Would 10 turns produce a stronger signal? Does a thicker gauge work better than a thinner gauge of wire? What is the science behind the coil specifications? I see you are using a push button switch for the spark gap so that you can vary the frequency. What would happen if you completely close the switch so there is no spark gap? Would it burn out the unit? It appears that the maximum spark gap length would be the spacing between the switch solder terminals. The Ebay listing for the 400,000 volt High Voltage Converter states the spark gap to be 10mm-20mm. I imagine approximately 10mm for 3.6 volt input and 20mm for 6 volt input. I imagine the switch solder terminal spacing to be less than 10mm, so the widest frequency response is not being used when using this switch for the variable spark gap of the EMP jammer device. Do you have any other ideas for creating a wider spark gap in a portable form up to 20mm wide? Your answers will help other experimenters with modifying your work. Again, thanks for posting your Instructables and keep up the good work.</p>
lot's of questions!, wow!!!<br><br>well i have both high voltage converter, 700kv has many voltage multiplier stages so it gives kind of burst outputwith lot of power and scary noise of arcs! , where as 400kv converter has higher frequency of output , i think 700kv is better at power output but not for more than 2 minutes of continuous use ,400kv one can run for a longer time whereas 700kv damage very easily,<br><br>in my emp iused 5 turns because i found this to be good enough, more turns doesn't provide increased range since converter has limited output and if you keep spark gap more than 10mm away for long time it will most likely to damage internally and not work any more so 7 to 5 mm is efficiant and very easy construction spark gap
<p>Hi,<br><br>that's not very clear for me: in your video,when you search for the high voltage generator on Ebay, I can also see that one of them is of 7kV (7,000 volt, as also xmitman mentioned), but here in your comment you mentioned an high voltage generator of 700kV. So: is ok the HV generator of 7kV or I should go with the 700kV? :-)<br><br>Many thanks.</p>
i used 700kv version of hv generator, both will work but 700kv version gives nice high voltage burst of energy that's what emp (Electromagnetic pulse ) needs.
<p>Thank you very much for your reply!<br><br>However, the last question :-)<br>Where I live I'm unable to find the mentioned enamelled copper wire (32 gauge, in Europe is equal to 0.20 mm). At the hardware store, the minimum size for the copper wire is of 1 mm (and is not enamelled); would work or is better to find the same copper wire as you suggested?</p><p>Kind regards.</p>
<p>Can I buy it from you which'll save me hospital ER time and put money in your pocket at the same time. That'll be a win-win, and I get to see another day, another sunset :-)</p>
<p>Hello, <br>I am going to make this but I have questions. <br>Every jammer has like 10 magnet wire at the front side, <br>You have 5 rounds at everyside. <br>It is ok but is it like <br>&quot; It has 5 rounds at everywhere and 10 rounds in front side&quot; or <br>&quot;It only has 5 rounds at everywhere&quot; <br>also is magnet wires going to touch themselves and connected or they are going to be seperate and connected.</p>

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