Destructible- How to Disassemble a Couch





Introduction: Destructible- How to Disassemble a Couch

This was made possible by TechShop Menlo Park.

 had a huge heavy duty couch and was not able to get it out of my house since a new fence was installed. Luckily my fellow TechShop friends not only know that anything that is assembled can be disassembled but have fierce determination, strength and a sledge hammer. 

Step 1: Removal of Cushions

We removed everything off the couch to get to the bare structure and flipped it on its back support.

Step 2: Cutting Fabric Off

We ripped the fabric covering the bottom and revealing the springs and wooden structure.

Step 3: Sledge Hammering

With a sledge hammer and brute force we broke the wooden frame.

Step 4: Humping, Jumping and Smashing

Once the supports were disassembled we used gravity and our body weight to rip the pieces of the couch apart. 

Step 5: Parts

The couch, now in parts was easily carried out into the truck bed and traveled to the dump for proper removal.

Step 6: Clean Up

I knew I was messy but never grasped the severity of my slobishness. Yaiks!

Step 7: Retrieval of Treasures

I wondered what a couch used and unmoved for 8 years would spit out. All I got was several lighters and a handful of change. :(



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    ^ wow ^ that must've been interesting when the chainsaw hit the springs. I feel like that's a bit of an "urban legend" - no?

    when I was 19 or so I was faced with a similar situation. Mine was a leopard print sofa I some how got into a rear bedroom. When it was time to move, the sofa had to be removed from that room. I spent hours trying to squeeze it out! But I could not get it back out... All I had was a camping hatchet and a crappy hammer, but it worked!

    Great job on your distructable!

    Does not Techshop have a pair of bolt cutters and a sawzall to lend? Hammer and sledge is a pretty tough way to cut up the couch. Of course, wait for all the complaints that the couch should have been given away and repurposed.

    It's actually still in the truck. Would you like it Caitlin's dad? It has plenty of dander collectability and soakability for much more cat piss. All yours! Free! :D

    Awesome! I've seen people using a chainsaw also, which is lots of fun.

    But I bet it's not as satisfying as ripping/smashing it apart. :D