This is an idea that I got from an instructable by Nothing2it so please do not think I am trying to steal his design. However it was my own idea to attach it to the roughcut as an ammo holder.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need all the knex shown in the picture and the rough cut.

Step 2: Assembling the Knex

Assemble the knex as shown in the pic. Now put the knex ammo rack on the side of the roughcut as shown.

Step 3: Elastic Band

Take a double rubber band and put it over the knex then wrap it round the whole gun a few times then tie the two ends of the band together with string. Now put 8 nerf darts onto the blue rods. The ammo rack is complete, hope everyone enjoys:)
<p>yes it can but is makes it less accurate and wobly </p>
<p>for some reason instructables has not been updating my number of views of favirates latley. Any body got any ideas why?</p>
<p>Nice! Can it go on the top?</p>
<p>Cool idea!</p>

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