Introduction: Detachable Rose Pen Decoration

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I've been doing a lot of origami lately (new hobby!), and one of my favorite parts about making these beautiful paper projects is that they're so easily integratable into portions of other crafts. They don't just have to sit on a desk and look pretty, instead, you can use them to decorate pencils, walls, slippers, etc. Here is one of my favourites - using origami to decorate the ends of pencils (they're removeable, so don't worry about it not fitting into a pencil case!) They a great decoration for your office if any guests need to sign off on anything. :)

Step 1: You Will Need

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  • 1 or more pipe-cleaners
  • 1 square paper
  • 1 pen or pencil

Step 2: Make the Rose

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The rose shown in the pictures is pretty complex - 11 steps! So I made a separate instructable here:

If you couldn't quite manage the rose, don't worry, there are tons of tutorials online for easy origami flowers!

Step 3: Twist PipeCleaners

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If you only have 1 pipe cleaner, don't worry, you can skip this step. However, if you do have 2 or more, I like to twist the pipecleaners together because it makes the stem of the flower a little more eyecatching.

Step 4: Attach to Pen

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Start wrapping the twisted together pipecleaners around the pen. Depending on which look you prefer, you can either make "loose" curls (first pic), or "tighter" ones (second pic). Leave around a finger joints length of pipe cleaner at the end of the pen to attach to the origami.

Step 5: Attach the Rose

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If you flip the rose over to the bottom, you'll notice that there is a small hole. Stick the extra length of pipe cleaner we saved at the end of the last step into the hole (if you want, you can secure it with some glue or tape). Voila! You now have a blooming rose that doubles as a pencil!


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