Detailed Film Prop (Uncharted 2 Dagger Replica)





Introduction: Detailed Film Prop (Uncharted 2 Dagger Replica)

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    Looks like this (movie The Shadow)

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    I was about to say the exact same thing! And then I saw you had beat me to it. Great movie.

    This is really beautiful! Are the STL files available anywhere, or have you made it possible to order from Shapeways?

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    First off, thank you very much. The files aren't available online, but we have made a mould of the original, and casts have been created. They are available here:

    There's 2 versions:
    -Casts straight from the mould

    -Casts that have been cleaned up and painted.

    If you send a personal message on the etsy page, custom timber stands are also available.

    They are lovely, and well-worth the price; unfortunately, I cannot afford one right now.

    very very nice..

    I just noticed this is the same knife or similar to the one on the really old movie " the shadow"
    I haven't passed all of uncharted 2 I had purchased it and returned my ps3 the next day and gave away the game.

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    The dagger is influenced by an actual dagger (the phurba dagger) that's used for ritual purposes. A few movies have used the dagger in different forms for plot devices.

    Hi all. Thanks for the support.
    I printed this one via, since they can acheive very high levels of detail (with specific materials).
    This was printed with the Ultra High frosted detail, which can get details down to 0.1mm.

    If there's any additional detials you would like to know about my process, simply ask and I can add it to the instructable.

    That is awesome! Great job! Very clean looking finished product :)

    This is great! I love the Uncharted series and have thought about printing this dagger myself. I don't think I could get the required resolution on my Makerbot though. What type of printer did you print that on?

    Brilliant, I wanted something like this with a special edition Uncharted. Well done!