Detonator box Ignition Fireworks Pyro box electronic igniter

Picture of Detonator box Ignition Fireworks Pyro box electronic igniter
A really cool device you can use for detonating your fireworks and other things, safe and very cool. Quite simpel!
In the pictures are the things you will need

Schematic is on the first instruction page

For all those people writing really nice comments with things which could be improved on the pyro detonator, I improved it the way you asked so here is the link to the pyro detonator 2:
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Step 1: Connect up the upper end of the circuit and the lower end

Picture of Connect up the upper end of the circuit and the lower end
Connect the switches so that the toggle switch becomes the on off switch, and that the push button also is in the circuit so that the push button completes the other end of the circuit. Now make the LED's. Connect 1 to light up for power on and the other so that it lights up when you detonate.

Now connect up the lower end of the circuit one end goes to the 10 meter wire and the other into the box, then to the battery, you can also include a main switch.

There is a schematic drawing

Step 2: Finalisation

Picture of Finalisation
Now lastly have a small copper wire from the 2 poles and have a match or a fuse between it, this will ignite it.
Just turn it on and press the FIRE button.
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BOOM OWWWW1 year ago
Need resistors
suberk2 years ago
Professional work.
check8883 years ago
Responding to my last post. I am going to put a resistor between the LED and the switches to make sure they don't draw too much energy to allow the positive wire to not lose 2/3 of it's power ;D
check8883 years ago
I tried this using alligator clips first before I used solder and it didn't put out enough energy to heat up steel wool but it did light up two mini LED's with everything wired properly.
sjoobbani4 years ago
I want this enclosure exactly. where did you get it? and if you have a model # or something
dandavanman4 years ago
i have made a detonator with a 12 volt psu and 12v led and find that the extra voltage is better for heating the wire up and the best wire i found was the heating element from a toaster. on bonfire night (fireworks night in england) prepared a setup of 32 fireworks using this setup on a larger scale with individual leds to tell me when the firework had gone off and a button to test the leds. it worked quite effectivly and i had a great display in my back garden. thankyou for this idea
you really need resistors for the LED's
iknowad5 years ago
This instructable is pretty good. I actually built this ,and it worked well. I have no idea why you thought the directions were complicated. All you really had to do was read the circuit diagram. I'm wondering if amps are needed to use this. I'm planning to fire from at least 30 feet.
 a 9v battery works from like 25' of wire
u need volts for longer distances not amps
Not to be a safety nag, but the ARM toggle switch can be accidentally switched to the ARMED position. Perhaps a key that needs to be inserted to complete the circuit would be desirable.
(removed by author or community request)
i used both in mine lol
larsjet (author)  gezortenplotz7 years ago
do you know that is seriously a great idea, no seriously your not a safety nag cause safet first! thanks a lot for your response, its only a prototype im make pyro detonator 2 soon and will include a key switch! or one of those covers you know for in a jet figher, do you know any place I can get them??... THanx
if you have a advance auto near you go look in the electrical isle there they have a key switch. it will hold any voltage i use it as a kill switch for my bike. it will run you under $10.
get a cover switch from radio shack, bottom drawer. I'll try to find a part number. also include a key switch, salvage from a detonator
larsjet (author)  damurdock7 years ago
I just said that to a friend of mine exactly what you said, thanks for the tip seriously a good idea, part number is ok round here there's no radio shack but Il order it from somewhere thanx
'Way back in the day (in the 80's) when my friend and I were exploding pyro flashpots for a video company shooting music videos for local rock bands, we rigged up a multi-switch detonating board. Our safety key was just a cotter pin shoved in a hole on the side of the project box to complete the circuit. We were working with black powder with powdered metals and neither of us wanted one to go off in our face, so the guy loading the pots had the key in his pocket. If you wanted to get fancy, I'm thinking a simple desk lockset from Home Depot would work too.
 Do you have resistors on your L.E.Ds?
cox1815 years ago
Hello. I have just built one of these detonators and I am using a 9.6 volt battery instead. But as soon as I hit the fire button, the fire LED burns out. What is my problem? Do i need to get a better LED or what?
ur led is probly not rated for that much voltage. they are usualy like 1.5 volts not 9.6
2.3 to 3 volts, actually for the normal ones and 3.3 to 4.5 for high brightness
arduinoe cox1815 years ago
you need a resistor in series wiht the led , a 200 ohm resistor will be fine
edfel01 cox1815 years ago
the battery was to strong for the led and burnt it out
xxcalebbxx6 years ago
how does a 9 volt create enough electricity, because it still takes a lot of electricity to make a hair-like piece of copper wire burn up???
use steel wool and a small mesh its better
dunnos6 years ago
Is it possible to use 1 or 2 rechargable battery's (1.5v each) without screwing them up but have it still working? sorry, basicly 2 questions does shorting like this screw up my rechargables is 3 v sufficient?
whats up with the 2 connectors in the step 1 drawing. are they misc. or do they connect together for the leds lights. please tell because i am very new to this and i dont want to blow myself up. also do you need some kind of adapter for those led lights.
skullkid936 years ago
dude this project is awesome I made my own with a little modes and it was perfect for the 4th of July if you have any more ideas like this email me.
I will use 9 volts
Rossi7 years ago
Hey im not to good with this stuff if someone could help me that would be great!! ;)
larsjet (author)  Rossi7 years ago
Il help you, tell me what u want
hay thanks now i know how to make detontor for my fire works
grudge217 years ago
it doesn't tell you what the voltage of the battery needs to be so I can not make it. and the directions are poor. can A make another set of directions so I can understand it. please
It says 7.2 volts
any voltage will work generally. you dont even need a rechargeable. you could use 9v. one last thing, how are the directions poor? i thought the only thing needed was the schematic.
grudge217 years ago
im guessing a 7.2 volt rechargable battery?
ok. this outlines how to build a igniter box but how do i use this to make my Diy rocket motor launch? without blowing off my hand when it blows up due to a small mistake or oversight on my part? Schematic please this has so much potential
Yeah paint would work i would use the strait edge thing and not just the pencil tool or you could draw one and scan it in as long as its labeled it should be fine.
Wikipedia: Schematics The Mintyboost instructable (Step3) has a simple Schematic
P.S you inspired me to make new group please join and add your instructable
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