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Detonators (blasting caps) can be made from a used small arms cartridge case and field-manufactured explosives. Detonators are used to initiate secondary high explosives (C-4, TNT, etc.).

This destructable was "borrowed" from The Army's Improvised Munitions Handbook, courtesy of Steal This Wiki.

As the views break 2050, I would like to thank you all for reading, it makes me feel useful. =P

Be sure to read the warnings.


Step 1: Materials Needed and Primer Removal

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Remove fired primer from a used cart ridge case using a sharpened nail.

Step 2: Drilling

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If necessary, open out the flash hole in the primer pocket using a drill. Make it large enough to put the fuse through.

Step 3: Fuse the Cartridge

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Place one end of the fuse in the flash hole and extend it through the case until it becomes exposed at the open end. Know this and then pull the fuse into the cartridge case this preventing the fuse from falling out.

Step 4: Loading the Explosive

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Load the primary explosive in the cartridge case. Use the following chart for the proper amount. A handbook page is a piece of paper.

Step 5: Compression

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Compress the primary explosive into the cartridge case with the wooden stick and the following improvised loading fixture.

Step 6: Booster Addition

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Add one gram of booster explosive. The booster can be RDX or Picric Acid.

Step 7: Booster Compression

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Compress the booster explosive into the cartridge case with wooden stick and loading fixture.

Step 8: Filler

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If the case is not full, fill the remainder with the secondary explosive to be detonated.


KobeR2 (author)2016-04-29

How would Flash Powder work for detonating secondaries?

macgyver603 (author)2009-06-09

I would also like to know if black powder or smokeless powder could be used as a primary explosive in the cap.

no it can not u need a more sensitive hex peroxide mixture

Tenz (author)macgyver6032009-06-10

i think all it has to be able to do is ignite the booster and your g2g the use for balsting cap is to ignite a substance that need a hotter burn that reg black powder cuz most fuses use black powered

recyclebin (author)2009-06-16

thanks i just made a batch of plastique and am in need of caps

sweet how did u make that blasting caps are easy

Gamernotnerd (author)recyclebin2009-06-17

No problem, man!

louis_haeb (author)2009-06-20

This is insanely dangerous! Basically, you hold a metal cartridge in hand while you ram HE's in it? I didn't know military don't like to have their fingers. It's a chance you posted it only for informational purposes. But, I wouldn't be surprised if some k3wl went and tried it. Darwin Award!

abadfart (author)louis_haeb2009-07-04

its like packing a black powder rifle

louis_haeb (author)abadfart2009-07-06

Black powder is far less sensitive than RDX or Picric acid. Picric acid, in example, is highly sensitive to friction and shock and can be ignited by a spark, a flame, heat or just a bright flash of light. Compare that to BP.

pastaking (author)louis_haeb2011-10-30

Idea: Camera Flashgun detonation system.

Get a cheapo flashgun and a wireless camera flash hotshoe. Put the explosives near the flashgun, and trigger.

You saw it here first.

(In hindsight, this is probably not the safest idea, but oh well)

abadfart (author)louis_haeb2009-07-14

ya but this is why you don't use mettle to pack it

Colonel88 (author)louis_haeb2009-12-25

This tests your stupidity. If you go ahead and do this, you will obviously die because you did not use your common sense and are not smart enough to do this safely hence in a battle or any other dangerous situation where others depend on you, you will only slow down the pros.

Country dude (author)louis_haeb2009-08-20

first of all this book was made for the military will out on the field so not everthing is strictly safe and secondly its hard to detonate BP by hitting it

Tombini (author)louis_haeb2009-07-16

If it's shock sensitive like AP then you must take precautions, or you could just not ram it... Anyway explosives are inherantly dangerous so safety is paramount

Gamernotnerd (author)Tombini2009-08-06

Exactly, Tombini.

Gamernotnerd (author)louis_haeb2009-06-20

Aww, it's almost safe. lol.

And you don't ram it, you pack it, you use the ILF for compression/ramming.

benduy (author)2011-05-23


Hmff (author)2011-01-24

Um the chaseing need to be discharged first?

mr. clean (author)2010-02-01

that munitonsbook is the best book ive ever read, its a pyros dream

MrMadmonkey4 (author)mr. clean2010-06-06

cool :D

corey_caffeine (author)2010-05-13

looks like a certain handbook i know of.

gameboy7oa (author)2009-08-02

Humm I believe I own that book.

Gamernotnerd (author)gameboy7oa2009-08-06

The Army Improvised Munitions Handbook, TM 31-120?

gameboy7oa (author)Gamernotnerd2009-08-07

Yep Yep

Gamernotnerd (author)gameboy7oa2009-08-09

Lucky. =P

gameboy7oa (author)Gamernotnerd2009-08-12

I was cleaning out my basement and it was just chilling there covered with dust and i took it. :)

Gamernotnerd (author)gameboy7oa2009-08-13

I wish I had a basement, I'm afraid of heights, so no attic for me. ;_;

macgyver603 (author)2009-06-09

Where did you get all of this information?

Tenz (author)macgyver6032009-06-09

i think i recognize these pictures... i might be the army improvised munitions handbook if not a military manual from some where cuz the illustration styles and font is the exact same

Tenz (author)Tenz2009-06-09

if i am wrong i would like to know as well

zekiller2193 (author)Tenz2009-06-10

I think ur right, probably the Tm 31-120 book. Free copy on internet here

macgyver603 (author)zekiller21932009-06-11

That was an interesting book. Thanks for the link!

Gamernotnerd (author)macgyver6032009-06-17

Yeah, it's the IMH.

mattykoose (author)2009-06-13

Yeah, pretty sure you should state this isnt your work, as it Is a cutout from the "improvised munitions handbook"....

Gamernotnerd (author)mattykoose2009-06-14

If you think I should, man.

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