Hi friends i have recently participated in an art fiesta with my friend and tried face painting there. I found the results much more amazing as expected. So, i decided to create an instructable to that others can have an idea.

Materials Required

* Face painting colors (We used Camilin Acrylic Colors quiet cheap and under budget)

* spill pot, paint brushes of different sizes

* tissues papers, color pallets.

Step 1: Base Coat and Primary Coats

Just create a rough base with different shades.

Step 2: Detailing

Step 3: Final Touches

We used a pilot pen and zero size paint brush for final detailing.

<p>thats not devil, that Joker O_o</p>
<p>Yes my friend it's actually the joker (the villain of batman but it <br>depends on the individual's point of view. For some some people it may <br>be the joker but we can't neglect the fact that there may be also some <br>for whom it may be a devil. Because Devil doesn't always means that <br>there must be an element of red color or horns.</p>

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