Introduction: Devil Inspired Makeup Look

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Step 1: Eye Shadow

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First I took a light orange and put it on the inside corner of my eye, then I took a bright red and put it on the outside.

Then taking a sharp edge (I used a paint brush) I added red to the side of my eye making a sharp point.

Step 2: Eyeliner

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Using a black liquid eyeliner I then made a very dramatic wing fallowing that sharp red line. Then I made a small point from the inside corner of my eye.

Step 3: Random Things

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I used the red eye shadow under my eye then I fallowed that inside point and drug it down my face a little, then I put some on the top of my nose. Then I took a blending brush and blended all they eye shadow out.

Step 4: Purple

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Taking a purple eye liner I added some to my water line. Then I put it on my lips then took a red lipstick and put that over the purple on my lips.

Step 5: More

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I decided I needed another wing.. so I added one right below the top one in the same manner as before. Then I put on mascara.

Step 6: Finally

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I added horns!


ayahjor (author)2015-07-03

scary but so cool i love it!

MsMaoMaoz (author)ayahjor2015-07-03

Thank you!

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