Picture of Devil SM man - Sand man!

If you want to have a very exiting and unusual toy, you must follow this instruction.

We build a toy which look as a devil. It comes from Germany. It’s made for kids in the normal form. It’s named “Sandmännchen”.
Please follow the steps and look at the pictures.



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Step 1: Steps: 1-4

Picture of Steps: 1-4
N��gel in den F����en.JPG

remove the clothestake two nails (ca. 0,8 cm long) and sting it in the highest site of his foot

In the middle of his head, you must cut his hair with a nail shear.

(3,3 cm diameter)
Cut a square hole in his head.

At his ass, you must stick two little pictures with glue.

Step 2: Steps: 5-9

Picture of Steps: 5-9

Take a matchbox and cut an arrow from the friction surface of the matchbox.

Stick the arrow in the middle of the move and with the arrow- sharp down. The arrow- sharpens must show to the both pictures.

Take a lighter with a LED lamp. Took the lighter between his legs. (If you squeeze his legs together, the LED- lamp must shine) The flame must show to the environment, not to his body!!

Take a plate from ceramic or tone and put the Sand man of this. Use second glue for fasten. The Plate shouldn’t be bigger than the head of the Sand man.

Wait a few minutes an let it dry.

Step 3: 10-13

Picture of 10-13

In the meantime, take a fresh attitude foil and cut it into two halves. Cut it in a size of 6cm and male it to a little bag, fill it with pins and tie it with a cotton- cord too.

Connect the bag with the Sand man right hand with a cotton- cord or something.

A candle with a length of circa 12 cm must stand perpendicularly

Colour the matchbox with a red felt-tip and the sharpens of the matches too.

Step 4: Steps: 10-15

Picture of Steps: 10-15

Put the finished box under his left hand and make one of the matches between two half matches.

Take the Sand man and write at the right eye a big “S” and on the left eye a big “M”.

Behind the Sand man, on the plate, you must stick the friction surface from the match box.



atrus7135 years ago
your english needs work.
lemonie5 years ago
This interests me, but you haven't explained the two pictures stuck to the arse-cheeks - who are they and what is the symbolism?

Zibodiz5 years ago
umm... what the heck?  This looks like something Pagan, or a voodoo doll or something... aren't the bag on his wrist, and the candle in his head, and the arrow on his back symbolic?  Pardon my saying so, but this looks like anything but a children's toy.  It looks extremely violent.