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Step 1: Materiallist

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auf dem Teller stehend.JPG
fertig siehe Kopf 2.JPG
fertig mit allem Zubeh��r.JPG
N��gel in den F����en.JPG

     Figure of Sand man

-         Nails (0,8cm long)

-         Shear

-         Pictures

-         glue

-         pins

-         1-2 matchboxes

-         Felt-tip in red and black

-         Lighter

-         Plate

-         cotton thread

-         freshhold bag

-         matches

-         candle

plasticbox for matches

Have fun!
atrus7135 years ago
your english needs work.
lemonie5 years ago
This interests me, but you haven't explained the two pictures stuck to the arse-cheeks - who are they and what is the symbolism?

Zibodiz5 years ago
umm... what the heck?  This looks like something Pagan, or a voodoo doll or something... aren't the bag on his wrist, and the candle in his head, and the arrow on his back symbolic?  Pardon my saying so, but this looks like anything but a children's toy.  It looks extremely violent.