Step 1: Materiallist

     Figure of Sand man

-         Nails (0,8cm long)

-         Shear

-         Pictures

-         glue

-         pins

-         1-2 matchboxes

-         Felt-tip in red and black

-         Lighter

-         Plate

-         cotton thread

-         freshhold bag

-         matches

-         candle

plasticbox for matches

Have fun!
your english needs work.<br />
This interests me, but you haven't explained the two pictures stuck to the arse-cheeks - who are they and what is the symbolism?<br /> <br /> L<br />
umm... what the heck? &nbsp;This looks like something Pagan, or a voodoo doll or something... aren't the bag on his wrist, and the candle in his head, and the arrow on his back symbolic? &nbsp;Pardon my saying so, but this looks like anything but a children's toy. &nbsp;It looks extremely violent.

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