Picture of Devil themed iPhone for Halloween
white Devil iPhone.jpg
Ben is the Devil.jpg
Suki orange Devil.jpg
This is just a bit of iPhone fun for Halloween and is super quick and easy to do :)

of course, this will work on all phone brands, mu haaa haa haaaa

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Step 1: Get started

Picture of Get started
to do this you will need the following:

a phone
dry tissue paper

You will need just half a mini pack to make this so line up another project so not to waste any sugru

Step 2: Making the horns

Picture of making the horns
sugru cone.jpg
press carrot onto phone.jpg
shape the horn.jpg
You will need just 1/4 of a mini pack of sugru for each horn.

Roll the sugru into a cone shape.

Press the cone firmly onto the corner of the phone, making sure that the sugru bonds to the surface.

Once you are happy that you have positioned the cone correctly, you can shape the cone into a horn.

Step 3: Leave to cure

Picture of Leave to cure
When you are happy with the shape of the horns, you need to leave the phone overnight so that they cure into a touch silicone rubber.

The best way to make sure that your horns don't deform is to rest your phone upside down.

Step 4: Time to remove the horns

Picture of Time to remove the horns
scrape with finger nail.jpg
wipe with tissue.jpg
When you finally manage to exorcise the devil from your phone, you will need to remove the horns.

1: Cut the bulk of the horn off.

2: Using the back of your finger nail, scrape away the remaining sugru

3: Use a dry piece of tissue paper to remove the remaining residue

Once finished, it's probably wise to apologise to everyone you called while possessed by the devil, I'm sure they will understand...
Very good photograph! The model is very expressive.
timwikander3 years ago
smile points :)
peanutgnome3 years ago
You could use this on an alternate case instead of sticking right to the phone - and when you're in a devilish mood, just switch to the devil case - whenever you want!
Neon Panda3 years ago
*GETS OUT SUGRU* I'm so gunna do this!
hehehhehehehe very nice.. LOVED IT :)
zazenergy3 years ago
this is such a great use of sugru!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
haha, very funny!