Picture of Devil themed iPhone for Halloween
white Devil iPhone.jpg
Ben is the Devil.jpg
Suki orange Devil.jpg
This is just a bit of iPhone fun for Halloween and is super quick and easy to do :)

of course, this will work on all phone brands, mu haaa haa haaaa

Step 1: Get started

Picture of Get started
to do this you will need the following:

a phone
dry tissue paper

You will need just half a mini pack to make this so line up another project so not to waste any sugru
Very good photograph! The model is very expressive.
timwikander3 years ago
smile points :)
peanutgnome3 years ago
You could use this on an alternate case instead of sticking right to the phone - and when you're in a devilish mood, just switch to the devil case - whenever you want!
Neon Panda3 years ago
*GETS OUT SUGRU* I'm so gunna do this!
hehehhehehehe very nice.. LOVED IT :)
zazenergy3 years ago
this is such a great use of sugru!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
haha, very funny!