My boyfriend bought an ostrich egg on a whim, and last night we devilled it. Tastes mostly like a chicken egg but smoother... the white is a bit more jelly-like, or perhaps we overcooked it. We boiled it for almost two hours, after all! It was rather hard to deal with even post-boiling, but we beat it into submission with a hammer.

In order for our ostrich egg to invoke Cute Overload's Rule of Cuteness #7 (A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute), we also made some 'regular' deviled eggs. Aren't they cute together?

did you really used a hammer to crack the egg shell?????

BMR_11_1001 year ago
Thats so good i do it all the mu neibors have an ostich
AngryMold1 year ago
That's pretty metal
jmwells1 year ago
The jelly like texture is the new thing in boiled eggs. So I guess you did it right.
chrisjhill1 year ago
Wow, thats awesome! Where does one get an ostrich egg on a whim?

This is amazing! Where do you get an ostrich egg?

kamakiri3 years ago
You should have ringed them all with devilled quail eggs!
Wow! Very Cool. Where did you purchase the egg? was it expensive/
tecneeq6 years ago
It's customary here to throw eggs at policymakers if they really do a bad job. Kohl was egged more than once, so was Schröder and even Frau Merkel. But of course uncooked eggs are used and nothing bigger than a chicken egg :).
An egg that big would probably be considered a political grenade! Frau Merkel would be in trouble if she got hit by one of those!
ry259206 years ago
Wow. That one helluva an egg.
Lftndbt6 years ago
That is amazing! Where does one buy an ostrich egg?
Badass! Jace and I approve. :D
lemonie6 years ago
Wow! How many calories in one of them? (Did you put oil in the water?) L
Kaiven6 years ago
That is AWESOME. You boyfriend has some interesesting whims. I wish I could eat one lol. That looks too cool.