My boyfriend bought an ostrich egg on a whim, and last night we devilled it. Tastes mostly like a chicken egg but smoother... the white is a bit more jelly-like, or perhaps we overcooked it. We boiled it for almost two hours, after all! It was rather hard to deal with even post-boiling, but we beat it into submission with a hammer.

In order for our ostrich egg to invoke Cute Overload's Rule of Cuteness #7 (A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute), we also made some 'regular' deviled eggs. Aren't they cute together?
<p>i like it.</p>
<p>i like it.</p>
<p>did you really used a hammer to crack the egg shell?????</p>
Thats so good i do it all the mu neibors have an ostich
That's pretty metal
The jelly like texture is the new thing in boiled eggs. So I guess you did it right.
Wow, thats awesome! Where does one get an ostrich egg on a whim?
<p>This is amazing! Where do you get an ostrich egg?</p>
You should have ringed them all with devilled quail eggs!
Wow! Very Cool. Where did you purchase the egg? was it expensive/
It's customary here to throw eggs at policymakers if they really do a bad job. Kohl was egged more than once, so was Schröder and even Frau Merkel. But of course uncooked eggs are used and nothing bigger than a chicken egg :).
An egg that big would probably be considered a political grenade! Frau Merkel would be in trouble if she got hit by one of those!<br />
Wow. That one helluva an egg.
That is amazing! Where does one buy an ostrich egg?
Badass! Jace and I approve. :D
Wow! How many calories in one of them? (Did you put oil in the water?) L
That is AWESOME. You boyfriend has some interesesting whims. I wish I could eat one lol. That looks too cool.

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