Start with eggs.  I prefer mine to be freshly laid by my pet chickens.  You, of course, may start with eggs from your grocery store or farmer's market.  I generally boil up at least 15 eggs when making this because some times the don't peel "pretty'' so you have to peel another one, and another one, and another one to get those ''pretty whole egg white bowls" .  Practice, practice, practice.  Besides, you know you will snack on the busted up eggs == we always do !!

This picture is of boiled and cooling chicken eggs from my own chickens.  Yes, folks, you ARE seeing green eggs.  My Ameraucana lays those lovely green shelled eggs.  My Rhode Island Reds lay the brown eggs, and the white eggs are from the Barnvelders.   Nope, we don't live on a farm.  We actually live INSIDE the city limits here and can have up to 6 chickens in our back yard.  Urban renewal at its' best !!  Chickens are not hard work and they give you FOOD for your efforts.   Ours started out as teensy tiny fluff balls from the local farm supply store one spring, two years ago, and now they are fine FAT HENS.   No we won't eat them.  We just have them as productive pets !!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Start gathering your ingredients.  I don't usually measure out my ingredients.  I just use a teaspoon of this and a blob of mayo and a sprinkle of that ... and a spoonful of sweet relish...    If you have never made deviled eggs, well, by all means call your Momma and ask for her Recipe.  I guarantee you WILL make her day!!   Or look one up on a cooking site, like Allrecipes.com      Me? I just eye ball it and mix and mash until it both tastes ''right'' and looks 'right."  

Try to find a good, flavorful paprika for your cooking efforts. Throw OUT all that old, dead, dry stuff you've had for years. I did and my foods taste soo much better.
Please, please, please give me a fool-proof way to boil fresh eggs so the shells peel off easily! Is it true if I use fresh eggs I need to let them set in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks to allow membrane to separate from the inside of shell? Help! Nothing is worse than having to pull chunks of the egg white off with small chips of shell. I end up with more egg salad than presentable deviled eggs.
<p>I don't know if you still need an answer to this, but what I do is poke a hole in the fat end of the egg, through just the shell. Then, they easily separate from the shell afterwards.</p>
Hi, just read your question. Look on Instructables for 'No Fail Boiled Eggs', It was an eye opener for me. Hope that helps.<br>
sometimes I hate being a vegan... :( 5 years and counting
This is a great deviled egg recipe, I linked it from my 'how to boil fresh eggs' instructable. Love seeing a fellow chicken owner sharing recipes :D
Absolutely LOVE the umbrella trick. My deviled eggs are also being requested at family events. I am the &quot;until it tastes right&quot; kinda person but it always comes out the same. My oldest daughter begs for them at her parties. Getting them to her house in good condition is a challenge. I do not always have the time or the right ingredients to make them there. I will definitely be using it this weekend. I noticed I can get the umbrellas at the $store for a song. Thanks again.
Thank You !!
Egg fans: you must read Julia Child's advice on how to cook the perfect hard boiled egg and avoid the &quot;dolefully discolored yolks&quot; in her book &quot;The Way to Cook&quot;. It works every time, and makes for easy peeling too!<br><br>Here's a link: <br>http://www.recipesource.com/main-dishes/eggs/01/rec0137.html
The umbrella idea is awesome, i just stick a big arse sprig of parsley in to each of my eggs to keep them from sticking. But then, my window boxes are all full of herbs, yea urban renewal... but I still can't have chickens, unless it lived in the house all the time, and I'm not willing to live with that mess.
I'm a devilled egg fan too, and I totally agree with just adding things "until it tastes RIGHT"! I also never thought of the umbrella trick for keeping the plastic wrap off the eggs while transporting them. Nice work!

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