Devil's Kite (Super Easy Paper Kite That Really Flies!)

Picture of Devil's Kite (Super Easy Paper Kite That Really Flies!)
What I will show you is a traditional Turkish kite called "Seytan Ucurtmasi", which means "Devil's Kite". It's so easy, that a 5 year old can make and fly it.
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Step 1: Materials You'll Need

You'll need a few easy to find household items:

- Square paper of any kind and size. Something light is better. (Even though I'm gonna use origami paper here, newspaper works great)
- String
- Scrap plastic bag for the tail (if you can't find a plastic bag around, you can use another piece of paper)
- A piece of sticky tape to strenghten the briddle points (optional)
- Small piece of cardboard for the string winder (optional)

Step 2: Making the Kite

Picture of Making the Kite
Fold the square in half along the center diagonal line. Fold so that the blank side of the paper is inside, and the color side is visible.

Step 3: Making the Kite

Now take one edge and make a fold to the centerline as you may see in picture. Turn the paper and repeat the step for the other side.

Step 4: Making the Kite

Picture of Making the Kite
Fold the small corner to the center line. Repeat it for the other side as well.

Step 7: Making the Tail

Now, let's make the tail!

Fold the bag a few times and cut 2 pieces of it. Open up the pieces and you'll get 4 longer bag parts. Stick them together with a piece of tape to make it even longer and finally attach it to the back of the kite (where you punched a hole before)

Step 8: Making a Winder

Making a winder is not a big deal. Just wrap the string around some piece of cardboard or even a pen and attach the end of it to the briddle of your kite.
heiditraut2 years ago
As kids we tried to make kites and they NEVER flew. All grown up our Turkish brother-in-law showed us this one and we have had so much fun with a kite that flies pretty much every time!
lunchweek (author)  heiditraut2 years ago
Glad to hear that! :)
Great pictures and explanation! :D And definitely the easiest kite build I've ever seen.
lunchweek (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thank you so much. It's my first instructable, good to hear it turned out a good one :)
minocris3 years ago
Thanks for reminding me this! Cheap, fast, easy and wonderfully cute for a young child. My dad taught us how to make this for when we didn't want to waste even 5 minutes making a kite, only to be ready when wind is gone.
Best way to fly it is putting it on the ground to your back and pulling hard or just running a couple steps.
lunchweek (author)  minocris3 years ago
Thanks, glad you like it ^^
zazenergy3 years ago
awesome work and great photos! congrats on posting your first instructable.
lunchweek (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
Thank you so much ^^