Dewalt Battery Charger Multi-use Adapter




Introduction: Dewalt Battery Charger Multi-use Adapter

Intro- My sons have a RC car that takes a 7.2v NiCd Battery. 
The Charger that came with it is....lame... it takes 8-9h to charge the battery...for about 1h use
It is also just a wall wort with no advanced features

so i got to thinking about it and realized my Dewalt Charger does 7.2v...a quick test with some wires stuck down in it hooked up to the battery pack for the car...worked Great

not wanting to dismantle my charger i devised an evil plan...ok i've been watching tooo many cartoons with my kids

Step 1: get something a little safer i took the bottom half of an old battery pack that had bit the dust, and soldered a Tamiya Connector to the wires coming out of it
(i did check with a multi-meter to see pos+ neg-)

Pretty simple...but it works

Step 2: Plug It In

Works like a charm, 

Could be more aesthetically pleasing...but i am not worried about that



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