Introduction: Dewalt Radio Cord Replacement

Picture of Dewalt Radio Cord Replacement

Someone cut the cord on this

Here is how to get the cord out and putting cord back in

Step 1: Remove Screws

Picture of Remove Screws

There are a bunch all of them but two are on the front

The other 2 are on the back next to the bottom rubber stoppers that hold the roll bar

You can take speaker covers off but you don't have to

Step 2: Remove the Front Cover

Picture of Remove the Front Cover

Now with the screws out pull the front off
It will be attached by the speaker power

Unplug the cord from the board and set the front to the side

Step 3: Remove Bad Cord

Picture of Remove Bad Cord

On the left side of the radio is the power cord pull the two connectors black and white from the board

Note- I used needle nose pliers may take a little force to get of

Then pop the rubber stopper out can be a pain and pull cord out

Step 4: New Cord

Picture of New Cord

U can fix the old or put in a new one it just needs the same connectors on it

Put back together and test

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