I enjoy throwing theme parties, especially around Halloween! I also enjoy a little show called Dexter! So I decided to try a Dexter themed Halloween party. This Instructable will give you tips on how to decorate for a Dexter theme party based on his "Kill room". And if you don't know anything about Dexter, which did happen with some of my guests, it still is some pretty creepy decor!

Step 1: Planning!

First thing, decide which room you are going to be having the party in! If multiple rooms are being used, pick the one you want to be the center of attention to turn into the "kill room."

After you pick the room you'll need to estimate how much supplies you'll need to cover it. Most importantly, how many piece of furniture are in that particular room.

For example, I used my living room as the main "killing" room. Which has 6 pieces of furniture I would need to cover with white sheets.
That is such a creepy party! Great idea and I love all the little touches like the photos of the guests! That would be so creepy to see hanging up!!!
Thank you! It does make for a creepy environment. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
We're big fans of Dexter! Great party idea. #Sphero was actually spotted on one of the episodes this year. Ballin'!

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