Wall-e Homemade


Introduction: Wall-e Homemade

About: i am from India,my main goal is to make an d.i.y projects for myself without much spending money hehe :) and i m doing mechanical engineering (degree) that's it

this is my first instructable, on this website and i m introducing you the {WALL E } project which i completed in the last summer made up of CARDBOARD .

Step 1: Collect the Required Things Which We Can Used to Build Wall E

i used old toys

lego part or mechanix kit

whatever you have in your house

plus cardboard

and of course dc motor which i unmounted from (crane toys)

Step 2: Use Dc Motor or Stepper Motor

i basically used dc motor with pre installed gear ;)

Step 3: Begin the Shape

Step 4:

so here i completed all body parts

Step 5: And After It Get Coloured Its Completed

sorry for bad English

thanks for watching and

reading post :)



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    Rearly cool instructable, thanks for sharing!! ☺

    1 reply

    Thanks gabse :-).. And more instructable uploaded soon

    This is really impressive work. Looks just like him!

    1 reply

    Thanks bro... :-) Ya it close enough to real one

    Thanks :-)