Diamond Plate Note Pad





Introduction: Diamond Plate Note Pad

This is a design for a notepad made out of diamond plate and rubber bands. When I have ideas I am usually scrambling around to find a scrap of paper to write them on. I started carrying around index cards, but they would get mangled in my pocket and they were hard to hold while writing. This solves the problem by sandwiching index cards between two pieces of diamond plate.

Step 1: Materials

Obtain the following

-A piece of 1/16 inch aluminum diamond plate at least 11" x 8", you can find this at your local home improvement store or online. It is fairly expensive so shop around.

-Rubber bands

-Index cards

Step 2: Cut and Sand

Cut two pieces from the diamond plate that are 3 1/4" x 5 1/4". I suggest using a skip tooth blade on a band saw. You will end up with rough edges all around. File and sand them down using progressively finer sand paper. Make sure to make a radius on each corner as to not rip your pocket.

Step 3: Attatch Index Cards

Take one of the plates and attach index cards by using two rubber bands over the sides.

Step 4: Finish

Now take the other plate, place it over the index cards and place another rubber band around the whole thing.

Step 5: Conclusion

You are now done. To use, grab the notebook horizontally with your non writing hand, slip the rubber band off and over your fingers and take the top plate and place it below the bottom plate. When done, put the plate back and slip the rubber band back on from your fingers.

This setup fits quite nicely in my back pocket and the aluminum is virtually unbendable. I imagine you could also use it as a wallet by attaching your cards and money to the top plate with a few more rubber bands.



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    32 Discussions

    Great idea! Such an interesting design and very pretty too. I think even though there are diamonds, the note pad will still be suitable for both men and women. The design of the plates is not too feminine or girly, while at the same time it is not being too manly either with its metallic surface. I think the diamond plate is perfect for other items too like a mobile phone casing or even a car door. The projects can be worked out and with the right materials and techniques, they can be achieved!

    I'd prefer to use a couple of pieces of Lexan® polycarbonate sheet instead. It's tough, fracture-resistant, weighs less than aluminum, and unlike aluminum, won't rub off and make one's hands and clothing black.

    Some twenty years ago I bought a Tenba camera bag that had a piece of 1/8" plywood as a stiffener in the bottom. The plywood cracked in short order, so I replaced it with a piece of 1/8 inch thick Lexan. It's still going strong and hasn't so much as developed a crack.

    i made something like this ( i did use dimond plating) but i used a hinge and Velcro to hold the note pad on

    I made something similar with carbon fiber. It has a slight lip on three sides to increase the rigidity. This has the useful side-effect of reducing slippage while I'm writing. Had it three years, not a scratch on it. (Looks best with black rubbers bands; the 4-way MUJI ones are nicest.)

    How about two leather straps with rivets as hinges? Cheap , yet effective, and you can go with many different colors of leather as well as lengths. You could even pop a rivet in the other side coming in from the back and centered and put a few holes in a third leather strap thats anchored to the backside and use it for closing the "book" belt-style. Just a few thoughts.

    Something I'd use instead of rubber bands would be neodymium magnets glued appropriately. Do they make really thin ones? I received a little address book that was designed much like this but used two business card-sized rubbed magnets to hold the pad together.

    Hmmm, I like it but.... I'm thinking 'Skip the note pad and go right to a note book!' 8-1/2 X 11 with three ring paper. I don't think rubber bands will be the way to go for that? Maybe three heavy rings? Now were are talking! That will give you something to write on! And you would have non-slip plate armer in your backpack!

    1 reply

    Skip the rings, use 3 padlocks. And one more on the other side to keep prying eyes out. Definitely more "backpack" than "pocket," but it sure would look cool - and take a bullet to boot.

    Simple, but very nice. It fills a need and it looks cool. The instructable was very...instructive. Good job. You get a +.

    not very useful... creative but not very useful. no1 is gonna just cray one of these around. looks stoopid carying a hardened metal notepad around.

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    what?? this is very useful! it also looks cool. besides i might make one. well everyone has thier own opinion.

    it may look kool, but its like at least 10 dollars or something. metal like this is a bit expensive. its just like any other notepad but more expensive.

    I didn't notice any place where the poster said this was a very cheap project. It's OK if you can't afford a few bucks for a very handy thing, but please don't flame just because others have a little bit more spending cash than you.
    That being said, one could add hinges via a jacob's ladder type of setup (see this instructable and this video). You could use strong elastic bands, or rubber bands. What I would suggest for the straps, though, is a vacuum belt. A smaller, thinner one would hold up for a REALLY long time, and would really complement the already rugged design.
    My 2 cents - there ya go. (though I guess kneecaps may need it more...)

    I look at it as always having a hard surface to write on. That's something the floppy notebooks can't claim. Very cool!

    ... wel you could just use cardboard. its sturdy enuff. besides it doesnt need to be that hard

    very useful,
    imagine how cool itd be if someone whacks you with their paperback notebook, and you pull out your diamond plate one, lol

    But seriously, its really cool, you just need a way to fasten the two plates together, dont really like the whole rubber band idea =\
    how about a diamond plate binder? with the 3 rings? thatd be cool, then you can put the notebook inside it...

    binders are... 13x16, for one front, same for back, and the side is 2x 16 inches