Have fun giving a project a retro look with Diamond Tuck.

Step 1: Mark Your Lines

It is super easy with just 2 numbers: 7&3. You need your finish fabric, foam and a backing. It is so much easier to get the foam with the backing fabric built in. I like to draw my pattern on the bottom because I am using vinyl and it slides through my machine better this way. You can try it both way with what you are using. If you choose to sew from the top you can mark with chalk so you can get the marks off. Begin by measuring up from the bottom of one corner 7 inches. Over 3 inches. Measure over in a multiple of 3 to the other side, Measure up 7 inches and in 3 inches. Draw a line from the marks with a straight edge. The width of your diamonds with be determined by the width of the straight edge you use. I am making smaller ones for a motorcycle seat. I would go larger for a truck seat. Note: this can be done on a good home machine.


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Bio: I like to turn trash into useful treasures. I believe less gives you time for MORE in your life. I love riding motorcycles.
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