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I love to crochet especially in the winter or going some where with hubby.I love crocheting up these little hats,they work quickly also do the little booties to match.My camera is sick right now or I would show more of my work.The mittens I got of a site searching for something else and really don't remember where.the little hats I believe I got the pattern I just made up as I went,each one of my hats has something different making them.The Bed Doll was an old pattern from those little leaflets you use to get with dolls.I want to say Leisure but not sure.Hope Iam doing this right becuase I don't have a clue what I'm doing.
If I had known about the contest I could have added more,I have so many things made I could have took pictures of in the daylight my camera won't flash and it is night time now.



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    If you write down any of your patterns, I would love to have them. I do a lot of crochet items for charity especially babies and children. Brenda blc3669@yahoo.com

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    I do a lot of charity also,I make hats for head start kids also,I also help moderate a charity group,helpingothersangels.as far as patterns I don't really have a certain one,they are basicaly all a like.the little butterfly i just added on it.If you look under charity crochet you will find many patterns. 

    Cute hat...I crochet them for charities. Would you share the basic pattern? Also what is your Esty address as would buy patterns. Thanks-Vicki onehappydesigner@yahoo.com

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    Any crochet patterns for my 4th - 6th grade crochet club would be appreciated. We are looking specifically for a very easy bib, bootie, and beanie pattern.

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    I truely apologize,I have forgot all about this site,was cleaning out old mail and founf where i had coments from here.