Diaper Sprayer Toilet Kit




Introduction: Diaper Sprayer Toilet Kit

The kit below can be fitted to your toilet or bathroom sink valve to provide a convenient sprayer for your toilet. This has a few applications, one being as a diaper rinser. The parts required are available at most hardware stores in Canada. The cost for this kit adds up to around $45.
BPAV664 Adapt-a-Valve - Attaches to 3/8" side of the toilet or sink valve
PBCC24  Braided Tubing 1/4 Inch ODX1/4 ID (This can be a 2 ft piece or part of an Ice Maker kit up to 6 ft long)
A23 Adapter 1/4 OD x 1/4 MIP Male Pipe Connector
Ball Valve 1/4 Inch FIP Threaded
A740 Brass 1/4 Inch Pipe Nipple
M2021 Sink Spray Head and Hose Assembly



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