Diaper Sweater





Introduction: Diaper Sweater

Do you use cloth diapers? Use these wool diaper covers to prevent diaper rash!

Step 1:

1. Find 100% wool sweaters at the Salvation Army or any thrift store.  Find snappy patterns!

Step 2:

(1) Cut along cutting lines (dashes in picture) for one "diaper sweater" . Set aside the wrist-bands for use as leg bands on your "diaper sweater" . 

Step 3:

(2) This is what your pattern should look like - using the sweater's waist band as the "diaper sweater" waist band.

Step 4:

Fold up the material towards the waist band. Bring waist-band sides together at front.

Step 5:

Sew along lines, about halfway along sides to form leg-holes. Be careful not to sew the leg-holes completely shut. You can adjust the leg hole openings, larger or smaller, to fit your baby's legs.

Step 6:

Your "diaper sweater" should look something like this. Now take the wrist-bands you set aside earlier, and sew around the leg openings.

Step 7:

 Crochet a long string of single crochet twice as long as the waist band. Thread through the "diaper sweater" waistband about every inch - poking the crochet string in and out - and tie in front. 



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    This is great! Way easier than some other patterns I've come across.