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Introduction: Dice Speakers

This is my GCSE Design and Technology project. It is a nice pair of green dice speakers they are very bright and very cool. The speakers work on mains or battery power. It is quite a cool project but it is quite long. 
I am going to post a instructable of it but there are many steps and it will take me some time to do but I will update this page when it is uploaded. 
Hope you like it.

I have finally finished the instructable for this project, took some time but i got distracted by other projects.
Here it is:

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Take a look at my new project i have uploaded https://www.instructables.com/id/Coca-Cola-bottle-light/



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    your cube looks good but the speaker doesn't..

    Thanks, glad you like it!!

    They look quite nice; Cant wait for the instructable

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    how loud does these things get i mean with 4.5 volt it would not be very loud

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    Thanks, the sound quality and loudness isn't great as it was my GCSE project and the school chose the speaker kit we all had to use which of course wasn't very good, but I just like the look of them!!!
    Thanks again