Dice Tire Caps





Introduction: Dice Tire Caps

An easy and inexpensive way to add some style to your bike tires and to get rid of some gameless dice lyng around.

Step 1: Choosing a Spot

The best side of the die to drill the hole in is the 1. The dot acts as a starting point for your hole.

Step 2: Drilling the Hole

Using your drill and a 3/8" drill bit (or a bit that is the same width of the existing cap) and make a hole 3/4 through the die.

Step 3: Add Glue

Add a small amount of super glue into the freshly drilled hole.

Step 4: Take Your Cap

Take the existing tire cap off your bike.

Step 5: Add Them Together

Put the existing tire cap into the glue filled hole.

Step 6: Add It to Your Wheel(s)

After the glue has dried and the cap fits nicely, screw it back on your bike.



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    I recently made a set of these for my car. Because of the forces at work at highway speeds, I went with a really strong 2-part epoxy to bond the stem cap to the inside of the dice. Since I made them, I have Auto-Crossed my car on a closed track at speeds of 120+mp/h and they are still there.

    Thats Great, Im going to make one straight away (its a rainy day...) Can you make other versions eg. bullet instead of dice???

    2 replies

    Sure you could, anything that you can drill into should work fine.

    i'll send a pic of it when im done!

    monkey biker24.did u mak that your name couse you go to monkey villige?

    you have a uni? cooool when i opened this page i thought the exact same thing i have a Qu-Ax 20" trials

    I'm trying to learn to ride a uni. Tips?

    unicyclist.com A forum dedicated to unicycling in all its forms.

    it didn't work, the drill wouldn't cut through the dice, in stead it wander over the surface untice the dice cracked in half.

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! makes me wanna make stuff outa dice :)

    sweet nice instructable

    lol. cool, hmm..... mabe somthin cooler...? but what...