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Diesel Fish are gear ties for your truck. Anywhere you would use a knot, you can use Diesel Fish. It's designed for rope 1/2" diameter or smaller and also works with flat webbing. It's so simple you can even tie it wearing boxing gloves!

Two years ago I posted Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie. Since then I've gotten feedback from friends, perfect strangers, and everyone in between. This design is the sum of that feedback along with what I've learned by myself. This is how I got here...

Diesel Fish is currently funding on Kickstarter! Check it out here.


Step 1: Proof of Concept

This design started out as a doodle on my Ipad. From there I made it out of a coat hanger. The wire prototype proved the idea but it wasn't very sturdy. So from here, I traced the silhouette onto aluminum and cut it out. Much better.

Step 2: Research & Development

Research. I did a lot of reading. One of favorite references is the Ashley Book of Knots. That book shows you every kind of knot you would need in any situation. What I took away from it was the theory of knots and way they work. Unless your a sailor an 18th

Step 3: Laser Cutting

Step 4: Finishing

Step 5: Uses



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    These would work well as a aluminum casting. Just a thought

    Excellent design, nice build.

    I like very much the project, still it does not make sense to me.

    What do you think will take longer to your customers:

    - learn how to tie knots with this fish or

    - learn how to tie knots?

    To me, Fishbones et al are not about tying knots, they're about untying knots - paracord is very useful, but once a normal knot in it has been under load for some time, it becomes very hard to untie.

    Typically people who find it easy to use a fish bone are already proficient with knots. I'm not against knots. Everyone should know all the basics.

    I know a few riggers and their constant complaint is wet rope and knots. This has an ability to make that somewhat easier. It also eases life for those simpletons, me, that never really learned how to tie the numerous knots needed to secure light loads.

    Do you have a full tutorial for all the uses you intended it for?

    You have all the people here commenting as to all the knots they can tie,but I will ask this question,what will hold the best in the many conditions in which traditional knots,or this thing can be used?

    really nice concept, I'll make one my self to see how good it is for use instead of knots. Sorry that u got so many neg comments, any DIY'er will be able to do this easily from the info provided