Tasty fresh raspberry/fruit ice cream in 3 minutes (low-calories if you want)!

This is a very fast, cheap and easy way to make your soft ice / sorbet.
You can use nearly every fruit, some are better than others for this. Good are raspberries, strawberries, tropical fruits, wood berries... etc.
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What an adorable little cup. And the ice cream looks yummy. :3
I tried it and it's really good. MEasurements would've ben helpful but all the steps worked and stuff.
FireBud94 years ago
How much of each?
ijt254 years ago
 Great recipe idea, I ended up making banana and vanilla with a bit of low fat cream cheese in mine...just wish the damn freezer would hurry up now!!
ladylissa5 years ago
I make a similar treat with frozen peaches and bananas! The frozen bananas make it creamy and instead of milk I use a little bit of coconut milk. I want to try your version, it looks great!
knarx (author)  ladylissa5 years ago
The banana-thing sounds logic and good. I have to try it. Thanks.
ladylissa knarx5 years ago
Sometimes i just blend frozen banana chunks with a spoonfull of vanilla yogurt for my 4 year old daughter. She calls it banana ice cream!
rosewood5135 years ago
I tried this with just about any fruit, my favorites are mango, mango banana, pineapple banana, pineapple banana mango,orange pineapple, blueberry. Oh now I am hungry!! Thanks I ususally use soy milk but I will do the milk next time.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Wafflicious5 years ago
i got the magic bullet for Christmas... im going to try this out!
etsay25 years ago
looks delicious. i will definitely be getting some frozen berries next time i go to the store.
UltraMagnus6 years ago
any reason you use frozen fruit? any reason you couldn't use fresh?
knarx (author)  UltraMagnus6 years ago
Without frozen fruits - no ice cream.
I feel silly now....
hedgiehog6 years ago
actually i do summin similar, i take icecream, raspberries, and protien powder and blend it together, and freeze it, essientally making raspberry protien icecream. tastes awesome
knarx (author)  hedgiehog6 years ago
Protein ice cream - never tought of that. This makes the ice cream very soft, even when it comes directly from the freezer, I think.
hedgiehog knarx6 years ago
oh im sure it does stay very soft, but for me i hate soft, melts to fast, I love the rock solid stuff. Still good recipe.
Looks tasty! I may have to try it some time, although our blender has all but crapped out on us.
cry_wolf6 years ago
That looks great. Good documentation too, thanks ill have to try this out. :D