Tasty fresh raspberry/fruit ice cream in 3 minutes (low-calories if you want)!

Picture of Tasty fresh raspberry/fruit ice cream in 3 minutes (low-calories if you want)!
2008-07-30 IMG_3031.jpg
This is a very fast, cheap and easy way to make your soft ice / sorbet.
You can use nearly every fruit, some are better than others for this. Good are raspberries, strawberries, tropical fruits, wood berries... etc.
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Step 1: Supllies

Picture of Supllies
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2008-07-30 IMG_3008.jpg
2008-07-30 IMG_3009.jpg
2008-07-30 IMG_3010.jpg
What you need:

  • frozen raspberries
  • milk (or cream)
  • sugar or like I used here: sweetener. If you use sweetener and low-fat milk this will be the most low-calorie ice cream you will ever eat, but the tastiest too.

  • strong blender (I used the one, you already know from here)

Step 2: Pour and blend.

Picture of Pour and blend.
2008-07-30 IMG_3015.jpg
2008-07-30 IMG_3016.jpg
Pour the fruits into the blender.
Blend them a short while, so they look like in the picture.

Step 3: Add sweetness

Picture of Add sweetness
2008-07-30 IMG_3022.jpg
Add sugar, sweetener or honey to the coarse blended fruits.
Blend again for a few seconds, so the sweetener is mixed in.

Step 4: Add good old milk

Picture of Add good old milk
2008-07-30 IMG_3024.jpg
2008-07-30 IMG_3027.jpg
Pour in the milk. About a cup or so, just pour in a bit, blend and pour in more, if it has not the viscidity you wish.
If you don't give a shit on calories, you can also add cream instead of milk. It makes it - surprise - creamier but I don't like it so much. I like it light and fluffy. Not because of the calories, I like the fruity taste and not so the creamy one.

Step 5: Serve and enjoy.

Picture of Serve and enjoy.
2008-07-30 IMG_3030.jpg
2008-07-30 IMG_3031.jpg
Serve and enjoy soon. It will not last long but sure it will not melt in seconds.
Give it a try, comment and tell if you tried other fruits.

What an adorable little cup. And the ice cream looks yummy. :3
ijt255 years ago
 Great recipe idea, I ended up making banana and vanilla with a bit of low fat cream cheese in mine...just wish the damn freezer would hurry up now!!
ladylissa5 years ago
I make a similar treat with frozen peaches and bananas! The frozen bananas make it creamy and instead of milk I use a little bit of coconut milk. I want to try your version, it looks great!
knarx (author)  ladylissa5 years ago
The banana-thing sounds logic and good. I have to try it. Thanks.
ladylissa knarx5 years ago
Sometimes i just blend frozen banana chunks with a spoonfull of vanilla yogurt for my 4 year old daughter. She calls it banana ice cream!