Superman has kryptonite, and I have snacks. In my constant effort to live a rather healthy life, I find that will power is over-rated, but a cute animal getting angry at me is not. When the fridge door is closed, the bear has a happy face, when the door is opened, the bear's expression changes. Its eyebrows furrow whenever I open the fridge in search for my kryptonite. It utilizes the construction of a simple unwanted cigarette pack box.

- the right-side up of the project is acutally the back of the cigarette box upside down
- when the door opens, a slide in the project is pulled down revealing a black surface that fills in the holes of the facial features. The cigarette box lid is also opened, revealing a peekaboo message.
- the project is attached to a fishing string that is also attached to the side edge of the fridge door. It is also designed so that opening the freezer door in standard fridge models will not affect the project.

- empty cigarette pack (with the inside foil taken out)
- strip of balsawood, 3/16" thick
- construction paper (main color, auxiliary color, black)
- silicone double-stick tape (or any other strong, thin varieties)
- fishing string
- elastic bead thread
- sticky backed magnets
- 3 large brad pins
- small post-it pad

- x-acto knife
- glue gun
- scissors

Step 1: Making the Skin

Measure, map, and cut out a skin for the cigarette box so that all sides are covered except for the front side of the cigarette box (backside of project). The best way to make clean folds is to lightly score the crease line. Stick the skin to the appropriate sides of the box with double-stick tape. Make creases along the fold of the lid and the diagonal openings on each end of the lid.
And now your XP registration code is available for all.
Keen concept, you could go even further with it by adding more anger to the bear's expression( long fangs,etc).
if you want to live a healthy life, maybe you shouldn't smoke... unless the box is someone elses, lol. nice instructable
i pick up old boxes off the ground all the time myself. They are so neat and hold things. This will be a great recycling project and gets trash off the ground. I don't know anyone who smokes anymore. But the ones that do must through the boxes down. Two bad habits? Cool project. mine won't say Will Power. Something a little more insulting about my figure.
looks cute...but my mom would probably save that for all time and would show it to her friends...so...yeah....
I don't plan on dieting anytime soon, but this project is ingenious! I hope you win the contest. I hope I win too, but don't we all... Very neat project, again!
I HAVE to make one of these now. Cute, crafty, and functional...! Love it!
Very well done instructable! Great idea and follow through.

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