Step 7: Test the pump

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I used a jam jar with a silicone baking mat to test the final seal.

The inner cones were bolted into place then the oil was added. The assembly was placed into a shop vise and I used a propane torch to heat the bottom of the pump. In the future a stove element will be used but this was just a test..

I attached the pump to the vacuum port then ran the pump for about a 1/2 hour. I was able to get a vacuum of around 130 microns.

With no water cooling and constant heating got the vacuum down to less than 22 microns. This is far deeper than my refrigeration pump has ever gone!!! I need to water cool the pump body to get some extreme vacuums!

That is 0.022 TORR.. Let the games begin!

I will be making extensive use of this pump in the near future for some amazing instructables!

Thanks for this !!!!

gcr1002 years ago
You win a follower with this pump i am making my own but i have a question can i use 2 fridge compresors in series as a mechanical pum i know that the ideal pump is the rotary vanes one, but here in Mexico they are really expensive i know that one can get a vacuum of 100mbar