Leftovers on Display





Introduction: Leftovers on Display

We all have those gifts our children bought you when they were young and most of us have them tucked away.I decided I needed to find a way to enjoy them more, now that they are grown and living their own lives. I have two sons, age 27 and 22. Many small pendants, rings or earrings and the pictures I wore on my lab coat.


  • Wire cutters
  • Wire/Chains in collection
  • Collection
  • Piece of driftwood

Step 1: Memories Daily

Pretty Simple! I used the chains on some and wire wrapped and knotted on edges of driftwood. I started in the middle, picture of my eldest and below it attached picture of youngest. They were pins I wore on my lab coat every day. To the left I started to hang items my eldest gave me, trickling them down on chains or attaching some to the chains. To the right was my youngest sons contributions. A beaded bracelet from both that no longer fit, was strewn acrossed the piece of driftwood we all found on the beach many years ago.

This now hangs from a ceiling vent over my coffee table and I get to enjoy the memories and love everyday.



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