Digesting Dragon





Introduction: Digesting Dragon

This is a dragon that digests paper.

Step 1: Get the Following Materials:

You will need:

  • a soda bottle
  • paper
  • tape
  • a supply of water

Step 2: Lots of Tape

You will need lots of tape. I like to use a tape dispenser with rolls of tape that you can buy at Sam's Club.

Step 3: Eyes of the Dragon

Cut a strip of paper and put two dots on either side of it for eyes. Then get two pieces of tape and put one on each end. Then strap it to the part above the nozzle of the bottle.

Step 4: Scales on the Dragon

Cut small triangles of paper, then fold the ends up. Once you've folded the ends up, get some tape and put it on the folded ends. Then attach them to the back of your bottle dragon.

Step 5: A Tail for Your Dragon

Get a letter-sized piece of paper, roll into a tube, and use tape to make it stay as a tube. You can then use more tape to attach it to the bottom of the bottle dragon.

Step 6: Final Step

Pour water from a faucet into your bottle. Then, close the nozzle and you've got yourself a paper eating dragon.

Open the nozzle and put a small piece of paper inside. Close the nozzle and shake for about five minutes. The paper will be ground into a mushy pulp by the bottle dragon.

The final step is naming your dragon. Mine is named Fangs.



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    The Burninator!!!

    WAY COOL i realy like dragons (u can probally tell that I do becuse of my username)but I think I should use a milk jug insead of A bottle becuse dragons are serpents of giant size if I do I will take a picture of it and post it as a comment!

    1 reply

    I LOVE Dragons! They are so cool. Just like this dude's Instructable. I totally agree with you dragonjohn7445.

    i could not find amilk jug so i used a 2 liter pop bottle and mine takes a whole day 2 digest his meals and i named him firesnake

    Pay attention at the back! It's for digesting paper!

    Check Leperdy's profile,,

    I wonder if dragon poop could be used to make more paper?

    Hm... I think you're going to have to tape two half bottles together, so you can put a cap on both ends. Otherwise, you're just going to get dragon barf! ;-)

    Perhaps dragons have only a single opening gastrovascular cavity like the Cnidaria or Thrintun.

    Way to go Leperdy! I love it! I can't wait to see your next Instructable! Every time I eat paper I burp up confetti. :-)

    Hey Leperdy, I like Fangs, he seems ferocious! I guess he's friendly if he eats only paper.

    Great job on your first instructable, for your next project you should read and understand how to take close up photography , also known as 'macro photography'. It's easy, and almost all cameras now come with it!

    Being a huge fan on monsters I might just have to make myself a dragon so I can bring him into work and let him eat all those reports that i don't like.

    1 reply

    He takes better pictures that a lot of other people on the site, haha. good job and keep posting!

    Wow, Instructables' youngest member!

    Welcome, Leperdy!

    ( #2 son doesn't count, he doesn't have his own account.)